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24 November 2006

Microsoft whines, sues Sony… now that’s just sad

Don’t ask why we were surfing the 360 forums. It’s a long, painful story. Even more painful is the sorry reason that Microsoft has decided to hop onto the legal train and sue Sony (besides the fear instilled upon Microsoft by the PS3… or so we’d like to believe). Now, many of us have probably seen the “controversial” list we’ve got at the top of the page. Is it misleading? If you’re ignorant. Here’s why.

11 November 2006

Def Jam: Icon to rap and brawl its way onto the PS3

Are you a fan of the rap/hip-hop movement? Do you like fighting? How about games about one, or both? …Play the other iterations of Def Jam? How about another question? Anyway, seems the PS3 will be receiving the next Def Jam (not “deaf”, because spelling things inkorrectlee is kewl) and it’s promising to be awesome to your ears and your fingers.

23 October 2006

The PS3 loves Talladega Nights

We all know that it is highly likely that the PS3 will come bundled with some Blu-Ray movie love. Afterall, what better way to get all 6 people that own 1080p TVs hooked on the superiority of Sony’s latest format? When word broke at TGS that the XBox 360HD-DVD player would come bundled with King Kong, the guessing game for the PS3’s pack-in reached its peek.

Japanese Developers give their thoughts on next-gen consoles

We’ve done this once before, but it’s nice to see if opinions have changed. Since the entire list would be pretty long, you can check out the whole thing if you want. We’ll just cover the Sony end of this business. Yes, sometimes they don’t add up to 100%, we know. There’s always a margin of error. Read on, brave

22 October 2006

Darwinia and Uplink coming to the PS3?

If you’ve played either Uplink or Darwinia, then you’re familiar with, and more than likely love, UK-based developer Introversion. It seems the indie studio has been in talks recently with both Microsoft and Sony to bring its content to each respective company’s online arena.