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03 December 2006

Dark Kingdom brings light to their online plans

We’ve heard a lot about Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, as it’s the franchise’s chance to move away from the PSP and onto something far greater — the Playstation 3.

24 November 2006

Microsoft whines, sues Sony… now that’s just sad

Don’t ask why we were surfing the 360 forums. It’s a long, painful story. Even more painful is the sorry reason that Microsoft has decided to hop onto the legal train and sue Sony (besides the fear instilled upon Microsoft by the PS3… or so we’d like to believe). Now, many of us have probably seen the “controversial” list we’ve got at the top of the page. Is it misleading? If you’re ignorant. Here’s why.

Monster Cable scares your wallet with PS3 cable prices!

Yeah, yeah… we know we did a post asking for all of your best advice when it comes to getting those extra cables for the PS3 that Sony cleverly (read: foolishly) neglected to include in the box, but Monster Cables have

23 November 2006

Games to download onto your PS3 revealed!

The forums over at NeoGAF are a-buzz with some recently acquired screens and info on the downloadable games for the PS3, most likely available upon its November launch. Let’s check out what they’ve got up their sleeves (and trust us, they are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, fun… and, uh, gorgeous?):

Smash My PS3

The same people who made comes, since this is the latest gadget, they buy the product and smash it in front of fans to get the reactions. They will be destroying things just as they come out commercially.

11 November 2006

Guillermo Del Toro delving deep into game-making -- Hellboy, etc...

The popular Dark Horse Comics demon hero, Hellboy, is receiving the royal video game treatment thanks to the same fellow who brought us the decent-to-great movie (debatable… never saw it, but got mixed reactions from friends), Guillermo Del Toro.

10 November 2006

PS3 Launch Q&A... or Q&Q&A... or... well, you decide

We’ll transcribe the worthwhile questions and answers from the FiringSquad interview with a Sony spokesperson because we’re lazy — besides, not much else to say other than what was asked/answered.

08 November 2006

Japan gets fewer PS3's than expected... ouch!

It’s not the freshest news, but it’s not something we should avoid addressing. Recently, Sony announced their initial shipping estimate for Japanese gamers,

07 November 2006

Get your music on with Tony Hawk's Project 8 soundtrack!

Do you like a) pop-punk b) hip-hop c) power metal? Any variation of said genres (post-punk, hardcore, rap, melodic power metal,

Some Resistance news from Ted Price's mouth... blog.

Mouthblog. Mmmm. There have been a lot of people asking a lot of questions about the anticipated Resistance: Fall of Man. Questions that, when answered, would no longer be questions. With that not-unflawless logic in mind, Insomniac’s Ted Price has decided to do just that — answer questions. Let’s listen in to the good ones, shall we?

06 November 2006

Sony again says we're nearing the end of the road for discs

Will digital distribution take over the disc format in a mere five years? Vice President of SCE Worldwide Studios Europe, Jamie MacDonald, believes so, just like Phil Harrison. Let’s clog this drain with a big quote: “In five years’ time, my belief is that

PS3 launch games super-list

While Sony is apparently waiting until the last minute to announce the PS3 launch title list, the good folks over at have produced the most realistic launch title lis yet. The real question is which games are you going to get?

05 November 2006

Kaz Hirai video interview! No giant crabs, no massive damage...

Kikizo had the rare opportunity to conduct a video interview with Kaz Hirai, one of the biggest of men at Sony. It’s a fairly lengthy one, so we’ll give you a teaser of what to expect.

25 October 2006

"Remote Play" function explored!

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So we got a lot of comments asking what this “Remote Play” feature was on the PS3 as listed on its translated interface menu. Thanks to our fellow Sony-addicts over at PSPFanboy, we’ve got a little more to tell you. With “Remote Play”, you can stream data

Sony to lose estimated $560m on batteries, PS3

Analysts are predicting that Sony will cut out $560 million from its projected profits for the year due to not only the huge battery recall they’re facing (feeling the battery on this Vaio, obviously is exempt from the recall…

23 October 2006

The PS3 loves Talladega Nights

We all know that it is highly likely that the PS3 will come bundled with some Blu-Ray movie love. Afterall, what better way to get all 6 people that own 1080p TVs hooked on the superiority of Sony’s latest format? When word broke at TGS that the XBox 360HD-DVD player would come bundled with King Kong, the guessing game for the PS3’s pack-in reached its peek.

Japanese Developers give their thoughts on next-gen consoles

We’ve done this once before, but it’s nice to see if opinions have changed. Since the entire list would be pretty long, you can check out the whole thing if you want. We’ll just cover the Sony end of this business. Yes, sometimes they don’t add up to 100%, we know. There’s always a margin of error. Read on, brave

22 October 2006

Darwinia and Uplink coming to the PS3?

If you’ve played either Uplink or Darwinia, then you’re familiar with, and more than likely love, UK-based developer Introversion. It seems the indie studio has been in talks recently with both Microsoft and Sony to bring its content to each respective company’s online arena.

21 October 2006

Double the HDMI, twice the fun

The fine folks over at EvilAvatar and MagicBox are reporting that the low-end PS3 isn’t the only PS3 to gain an HDMI port. According to their TGS information, the 60GB version will now have not one, but two HDMI ports. Like me, you maybe asking yourself: “What the hell?” Here’s Sony’s alleged answer.

We need a little more White Knight Story in our lives...

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard about Level 5’s White Knight Story, arguably one of the coolest games shown at TGS, less arguably and more accepted as the most badass RPG shown at TGS. Akihiro Hino, producer of White Knight Story, sat down for a quickie with IGN recently. There, some interesting pieces of information were revealed… mostly resulting in mad respect points.

Fight Night Round 3 to miss PS3 launch day

In a move that will disappoint many a fanboy come November 17, EA announced today that Fight Night Round 3 won’t see the light of the PS3’s super-rare blue diode until December 12. That’s nearly a month after launch, but still well within Sony’s self-defined “launch window.” To help ease this blow, EA has released a few new screenshots and revealed some sweet new PS3-specific upgrades…

13 October 2006

The power of PS3 rumor

Sony can’t catch a break. This time the rumors and innuendo have cost them. Literally. Earlier this week, Macquarie Equities analyst, David Gibson, put the hurt on Sony by apparently stating that “he had heard” that several PS3s on the show floor at TGS “operated erratically and had to be repeatedly reset.” According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “The problem seems to stem from consoles running too hot and then shutting down. Sony has claimed that it was simply a case of not having the proper ventilation at the kiosks where the consoles were played. It’s possible, but Sony stock was down almost 3 percent by Wednesday from the revelations.” To put that into perspective, a 3% drop in Sony’s stock price on the NYSE represents a drop in Sony’s value by more than $1 billion dollars! Yes, I said “billion.” Of course, stocks rise and fall everyday… sometimes by less than 3% and sometimes by much, much more. What’s interesting is that with this drop attributed to PS3 overheating “news,” it appears that shareholders (specifically, institutional investors), are watching the PS3 launch very, very closely. Everyday, my appreciation for the PS3’s potential to make or break Sony grows. On the bright side of things, and based on the picture to the right, the PS3 can double as a mirror! That should drive Sony’s market cap up a few hundred million.

12 October 2006

Sony speaks more of customizable, downloadable content

According to Michael Denny, VP of SCE Worldwide Studios Europe, the ability to personalize, customize, and download extra game content is an essential part of next-gen gaming success. To quote, “We face more than just a console generation transition. An 18-year-old today has never known a world without broadband, mobile phones, or MP3s.” That’s stretching it. This blogger is older than 18, but only by a few years and he can easily recall life without any of those devices. Heck, before 56k even. Life was nice and ignorant. Another interesting quote: “Today’s games are competing for time share even more than cash.” This is actually pretty true. When I, personally, plan on what games to buy, I limit myself to a certain number because of the time they’ll take to beat, not because of their cost. So much time passes that sometimes entire games will go unpurchased because of the length of time put into other games. If anyone watched South Park last night, you’d see that World of Warcraft is pretty much the lord of “time share”, game wise. Finally, “Today’s gamer wants to customise their games to fit their own personality and style and [wants] games to be more interactive than ever before. Today millions of ordinary people have the tools and the role models to become amateur producers… It is the desire to participate and create that becomes the enduring entertainment experience itself.” So there’s another hint at Sony’s home-brew campaign — if only we knew anything about the dang online service! Still, the thought of finally upping those RPG Maker 2003 games for others to enjoy… bliss. Also mentioned was the ability to alter actual games… the best way to think of that is probably The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Making your own towns, dungeons, etc, and upping them for others to download and enjoy. Good stuff.

Details on David Jaffe's "casual" game

God of War’s David Jaffe had dropped hints on his blog a long time ago about not wanting to make just epic titles, expressing also his desire to make more casual games. What he meant, nobody knew. Initially, he had a game titled HL in work for the PSP, but it got shelved for now. Jaffe expertly drops a few hints on the new casual title he’s working on: “It’s totally NOT a game like HL was going to be, or God of War for that matter. It has stuff in common with Twisted Metal, Bomberman, and…well, a few other things that I ain’t gonna talk about yet!” So… it’s like a destructive party game? The game wasn’t at TGS, but it’s supposed to be floating around the “air waves” in the next couple of months. Let’s piece this together. It’s a smaller, casual title. It’s like Bomberman and Twisted Metal meets “other things”. It’ll be floating around the “air waves” this holiday season. Jaffe is a Sony employee. The game runs in 1080i. Can you say: launch title for Sony’s e-distribution? Let’s hope so, since we’ve seen very little on the online experience from Sony.

Heavenly Sword screens and vid... Sony owns TGS!

Maybe that last phrase was unnecessary, but it doesn’t matter. There has been so much eyebrow-raising at Sony’s stuff at the Tokyo Game Show that all the bad news prior seems to be fading into, er, oblivion. Anyway, Heavenly Sword has a few high-res screens up here, and also a video to download. Just navigate around the question marks and the video’s under the blue question marks next to the “mpg”. If that doesn’t work, you can always look for another video… there’s a few over at IGN. It’s more arena brawling, but it doesn’t matter when the game looks this fun. November is so far away… not that this is a launch title, but even so, we want our PS3. We knew the Tokyo Game Show would change many people’s minds! Hooray!

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