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07 December 2006

Full Auto 2 gone gold!

Are you itching to buy another PS3 game? Your wait is almost over as Sega sends word that Full Auto 2has gone gold and wil be in stores December 7. “With strategic destruction, next generation technology, and innovative, diverse gameplay, Full Auto 2: Battlelines is poised to be one of the most exhilarating combat-racing experiences available for the PlayStation 3 console.”

08 November 2006

The rumored UK PS3 game prices revealed!

The United Kingdom’s largest videogame retailer, GAME, has apparently received some information regarding PS3 game pricing.

07 November 2006

A ton more Resistance: Fall of Man info from the man himself

The man we’re talking about is Ted Price, who is very, almost surprisingly, good at keeping up with reader requests on his blog at IGN.

25 October 2006

"Remote Play" function explored!

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So we got a lot of comments asking what this “Remote Play” feature was on the PS3 as listed on its translated interface menu. Thanks to our fellow Sony-addicts over at PSPFanboy, we’ve got a little more to tell you. With “Remote Play”, you can stream data

14 October 2006

More Devil May Cry 4 screens and levels and goodness

Don’t even bother saying it! Yes, this is a personal favorite, but it’s still a PS3 game and it’s going to get hyped up. Let’s see what’s been updated on the official DMC4 site since the closing of the Tokyo Game Show… ah, how about that. Lots. We’ve got five new screenshots of Nero doing what he’s shaping up to do best: being awesome. Check ‘em out, background image them if you feel the need. Ooh, what’s this? We’ve also got some stages to look at. Interesting art style on them (very Breath of Fire IV), but hey, who wouldn’t want to run down a long, impractically large cathedral hallway? Or take in the view of a pretty, pretty town before slaying some demons? There’s also the video they showed at the Tokyo Game Show if you missed it… it’s fantastic. So excited for this game. So excited for many of the games. Just… excitement. Who’s excited? Yeah.