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06 November 2006

Why the PS3 is worth the price, Jamie MacDonald edition

We’ve barked up this tree so many times that the tree would probably bark back… even so, SCE Worldwide Studios Europe VP Jamie MacDonald has some more reasons why the PS3 is worth your pocket change loan. Kind of. More like… he defends Sony from the interviewer.

25 October 2006

"Remote Play" function explored!

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So we got a lot of comments asking what this “Remote Play” feature was on the PS3 as listed on its translated interface menu. Thanks to our fellow Sony-addicts over at PSPFanboy, we’ve got a little more to tell you. With “Remote Play”, you can stream data

23 October 2006

When will it be safe to buy a PS3? Let's see...

How does “whenever you feel like it and can afford to drop the necessary amount of money on it” sound? No? Damn, C-net, what do you think, then? Isn’t it our choice to decide when it’s “safe” to buy a console? No? Damn. Fine, why don’t you twist the news and alter the minds of your readers? Let’s go…

Japanese Developers give their thoughts on next-gen consoles

We’ve done this once before, but it’s nice to see if opinions have changed. Since the entire list would be pretty long, you can check out the whole thing if you want. We’ll just cover the Sony end of this business. Yes, sometimes they don’t add up to 100%, we know. There’s always a margin of error. Read on, brave

12 October 2006

Details on David Jaffe's "casual" game

God of War’s David Jaffe had dropped hints on his blog a long time ago about not wanting to make just epic titles, expressing also his desire to make more casual games. What he meant, nobody knew. Initially, he had a game titled HL in work for the PSP, but it got shelved for now. Jaffe expertly drops a few hints on the new casual title he’s working on: “It’s totally NOT a game like HL was going to be, or God of War for that matter. It has stuff in common with Twisted Metal, Bomberman, and…well, a few other things that I ain’t gonna talk about yet!” So… it’s like a destructive party game? The game wasn’t at TGS, but it’s supposed to be floating around the “air waves” in the next couple of months. Let’s piece this together. It’s a smaller, casual title. It’s like Bomberman and Twisted Metal meets “other things”. It’ll be floating around the “air waves” this holiday season. Jaffe is a Sony employee. The game runs in 1080i. Can you say: launch title for Sony’s e-distribution? Let’s hope so, since we’ve seen very little on the online experience from Sony.