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11 November 2006

Some more Ridge Racer 7 screens and a tiny bit of info

Let’s talk about the information first, because there’s a little bit of everything and it’s not easy to connect it all to a common theme. Ridge Racer 7 has taking a strong focus on the machine customization function lately. Namco promises an almost unlimited customization, stickers, color rings, etc. Also, this will be the first time that a Korean manufacturer’s (Sinseong Motors) car will make an appearance on the Ridge Racer

15 October 2006

Like the PS3? Like shopping? Here's a heads up...

If you happen to stroll into your local Best Buy at or after October 20th, there is some evidence on the Neogaf forums that clue you in to what you should expect. What should you expect? PS3 stuff. Lots of PS3 stuff. How would you like to demo the Playstation 3 on a 46″ Sony Bravia flat-panel TV at 1080p? Sit on some Lay-Z-Boy couches while doing so and enjoying the Sony 7.1 Component Home Theater System? Yeah. That’d be pretty excellent. Now, this is just a rumor, but the slides seem fairly authentic (from personal Best Buy experiences) and the setup is fairly… er, large. So large, in fact, the 360 kiosks may be removed entirely. But PS3’s may be downsized on October 25th when the Wii moves out (maybe not). This is a great rumor to hope for as fact because being able to get our hands on the Playstation 3 nearly a month before its release is bliss — and may push those teetering on the edge of a purchase over to the “yes!” side. So, uh, who’s planning a Best Buy field trip? We are, since we couldn’t get to the Tokyo Game Show.

14 October 2006

TGS videos attack! Pick your poison... or wine... whichever

A gameplay video of Coded Arms Assault is now available for your viewing pleasure. It looks all right. It doesn’t seem like too much of a separation from standard FPS titles, but it’s worth a look if you’re an FPS junkie. There’s also a gorgeous Ridge Racer 7 gameply video. It looks better than all right. Mostly awesome. Just look at that gorgeous car go around that gorgeous track… and rear-end that other car. It’s pretty sweet. Also, a Ninja Gaiden Sigma trailer is up and running. If you guys were right, those who’ve played Ninja Gaiden Black won’t see too much new here. But then again, maybe so. Let us know. Here’s a gameplay video of Lair also. What can we say? Dragons, flying, destruction… it’s something special, to be sure. Lastly, there’s a gameplay video of Devil May Cry 4. Besides the fact the person playing it has no idea what he’s doing (sorry, but it’s true, unless the controls have changed completely), the game looks astoundingly good. Bias? Sure. But it does. If you mention the cape/sword clipping, that’s true, but that in no way should detract from your enjoyment of the game. Anyway, we’ll keep you informed of other game videos and other stuff as we get our news from the Joystiq staff that had the honor of being there.