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The Photography Network - PictureSocial

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PictureSocial is a new place where photographers from all experience levels can share their knowledge and learn from others. At PictureSocial, you can display and critique photos (unlimited free photo storage), blog about your experiences, ask and answer questions, discuss camera equipment and more. Flickr users can copy all their photos to PictureSocial with one click and enjoy free unlimited photo storage.


FeedBlitz - The Email Marketing Service for Blogs, Social Media and RSS

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FeedBlitz automates turning publisher blogs and feeds into customized marketing communications using our integrated RSS feed management, Email marketing and Social Media services. Easy enough for a blogger to set up in seconds. Powerful enough for sophisticated corporate campaigns. Smart enough to deliver via RSS, email and social media. The secret of our success? FeedBlitz automates the tasks other services force you to do; then we add new media for the widest audience. Reach more people with less time and effort.

Mon club VIP - L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris crée une nouvelle expérience interactive. Recevez un service hautement personnalisé avec quatre diagnostics de beauté accompagnés de conseils sur mesure. Nos experts et créateurs vous guident pas à pas pour créer votre look idéal. Découvrez les porte-parole de L'Oréal Paris, apprenez leurs passions et leurs secrets de beauté et regardez leurs interviews exclusives. Devenez membre de Mon Club VIP pour des scoops beauté, des conseils sur mesure et des offres exclusives de L'Oréal Paris.

Social Media Tools For Publishing Professionals

Among the tools we covered were: Twitter Facebook Ning Twitterfall Google Reader Google Alerts Google Blog Search Social Media Firehose Backtype Social Mention Board Reader Feed My Inbox Twimailer Tweetdeck Twhirl Firefox Google Chrome


Explaining the Granular Social Network :: Personal InfoCloud

This post on Granular Social Networks has been years in the making and is a follow-up to one I previously made in January 2005 on Granular Social Networks as a concept I had been presenting and talking about for quite some time at that point. In the past few years it has floated in and out of my presentations, but is quite often mentioned when the problems of much of the current social networking ideology comes up. Most of the social networking tools and services assume we are broadline friends with people we connect to, even when we are just "contacts" or other less than "friend" labels. The interest we have in others (and others in us) is rarely 100 percent and even rarer is that this 100 percent interest and appreciation is equal in both directions (I have yet to run across this in any pairing of people, but I am open to the option that it exists somewhere). » Socialstream, vers une hyperprésence des blogueurs ?

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Avec la multiplication des services de publication / partage et la montée en puissance des outils de micro-publication (cf. Twitter au cœur de la révolution des médias sociaux ?), nous voyons apparaitre une nouvelle forme de services d’agrégation de l’activité sociale comme FriendFeed, Socialthing!,… (cf. 35 Ways to Stream Your Life). Ces services vous permettent ainsi d’agréger l’ensemble de vos publications (billets, photos, liens, tweets…) au sein d’un flux unique pour centraliser votre activité / présence numérique sur les médias sociaux (exemple ici : Ces services sont particulièrement intéressants pour archiver votre production journalière et garder une trace de votre empreinte numérique.

Facebook can ruin your life. And so can MySpace, Bebo... - Science, News -

Online history: The rise and rise of social networking Mid to Late 1990s First social networking sites emerge, such as and By 1999 MySpace is in operation; at the same time Hertfordshire couple Steve and Julie Pankhurst, devise Friends Reunited. 22 March 2002 Friendster is launched by Jonathan Abrams in California. For a while it is considered the No 1 social networking site. March 2003 MySpace, widely held to be the biggest social networking site of them all, is launched by Tom Anderson. 4 February 2004 Facebook is launched by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. Initially the network is only for Harvard students. Within two months all the Ivy League schools are included and over the next two years more universities, high schools and corporations are added. 2 September 2004 A lawsuit is filed against Zuckerberg by ConnectU founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, alleging that he illegally used the concept and codes for their site after he worked for it as a programmer. January 2005 Bebo launched by UK couple Michael and Xochi Birch. The site quickly climbs to the top of the social networking league. 23 August 2005 The domain is purchased for $200,000. March 2006 Facebook reportedly turns down an offer to buy the site for $750m, allegedly claiming it should be able to fetch $2bn. September 2006 'Wall Street Journal' reports Yahoo is in talks with Facebook to buy the site for $1bn. 22 August 2006 Facebook signs a three-year US-based deal with Microsoft to be the exclusive provider of advertising on the site in return for a revenue split. 11 September 2006 Facebook opens to everybody 13 or over with an email address. 28 March 2007 ConnectU's lawsuit is dismissed without prejudice. They immediately refile and are granted a new hearing. 3 August 2007 Six major British firms, among them Vodafone, Halifax and Virgin Media, remove their adverts on Facebook after they appear on a rotating basis on a BNP-related page. October 2007 A Tory aide, Philip Clarke, is suspended from his job after posting pictures of him applying burnt cork to another aide along with racist comments on Facebook. 24 October 2007 Microsoft buys a 1.6 per cent share in Facebook for $240m and will now begin to sell advertising for Facebook internationally as well as in the US. December 2007 Zuckerberg publicly apologises for launching the dubious advertising system Beacon on Facebook.

'Facebook fatigue' kicks in as people tire of social networks

'Facebook fatigue' kicks in as people tire of social networks

Facebook | Should Brands Join or Build Their Own Social Network

Lately, many companies have been wanting to develop online communities around their brand. But the question remains, do they BUILD their own or JOIN existing ones (like Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn)

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