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06 March 2008

Translating WordPress into another language (themes and plugins too) | Inside WordPress | Urban Giraffe

Translating WordPress into another language Aug 9, 2007 | Tags: guide, mac, php, plugin, theme, windows, wordpress This guide is another in the Inside WordPress series and attempts to show how to produce a translation for an already-prepared theme, plugin, or WordPress itself. Even if you have little PHP or HTML skills you can still contribute to making WordPress a truly international experience by providing localizations for existing themes and plugins.

07 January 2008 - The Economics of Content - British News Sites Get Third Of Readers From U.S.; Motivation For Crossing Atlantic

Le web sans frontière (autre que la langue) : 1/3 du trafic des sites anglais vient des USA… It’s old data, but this new research study from City University, London, online journalism researcher Neil Thurman is the first to illustrate why British news organizations are courting U.S. readers. We recently reported The Guardian is launching dedicated American news and comment websites, Times Online is using search engine optimization to reach Americans, while The Independent and Daily Mail get more visits from across the Atlantic than from at home. Combining stats and interviews circa 2005, Thurman shows why the publishers decided to monetize across the Atlantic:

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