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The SEO BlackBook: Free eBook for Serious SEO’s | SEO Tips

The SEO BlackBook – Free eBook 12 Secrets Your Competitors DO NOT want you to know! – pdf version coming soon 1. 8 Google Analytics Reports for Improving SEO 2. The Best SEO Advice You Will Ever Get From Me 3. Google Applications + Your Website = Improved SEO 4. 3 SEO Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging 5. My Top Ten SEO Task List 6. 301 Redirects vs. 302 Redirects 7. 2 Free Tools for Batch HTTP Header Checks 8. Can Google See Your Domains Private Registration Data? 9. 8 Ways to Leverage Google Webmaster Central Tools 10. Leveraging Online Marketing Costs for SEO Benefit 11. High Quality Content = High Search Engine Rankings 12. 8 Link Building Techniques for Blogging Ninjas!


Google Analytics for WordPress version 4 - Yoast

Google Analytics has gotten so many new features in the last year, that the only way I could incorporate those into my Google Analytics plugin, which has been downloaded 1,006,720 times, was by doing an almost complete rewrite. That’s why today, I’m proud to announce version 4.0 of this plugin. What’s new with this Google Analytics plugin? Asynchronous tracking First of all, this new version 4.0 switches to the new asynchronous tracking method. This new tracking was also the reason it took a while to get this version out the door: there were quite a few bugs to work out; tracking by the beta was not reliable for a while. What’s the advantage of the new tracking you ask? Why bother switching? Well, there are three reasons, as listed by the Google Analytics blog: Faster load times for your web pages due to improved browser execution of the tracking code. Enhanced data collection & accuracy. Elimination of tracking errors from dependencies when the JavaScript hasn't fully loaded. If you want to know more about asynchronous scripts, check out this blog post by Steve Souders, in which he explains the concept and what it means for page load times. The short version: a normal script blocks other objects on your page, like images, from being loaded until it has been fully loaded. An asynchronous script allows for those other objects to be downloaded at the same time. Custom Variables Google launched the custom variable support in October 2009, and I’ve been playing with ways to use these in tracking ever since. Custom variables are a way to add data about the current page, the current session or the current user in your tracking, which you can use for some very cool things.


Comment intégrer Google Custom Search Engine à son blog

Si vous utilisez WordPress comme moteur de blog, vous avez certainement dû vous rendre compte que le système de recherche intégré est assez médiocre au niveau de la pertinence des résultats. Alors pourquoi ne pas utiliser la puissance du moteur de Google pour notre blog ? C’est possible avec Google Custom Search Engine. Vous proposerez ainsi de meilleurs résultats de recherche à vos lecteurs tout en ayant la possibilité de générer des revenus supplémentaires car il est possible de coupler Google Custom Search Engine avec Google AdSense.



Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li's Blog): What does Google really want for YouTube?

The San Jose Mercury News, among others, is reporting that Google's YouTube will begin checking content for copyrights, specifically in a test with Disney and Time Warner's content. They finally admitted they are using Audible Magic's clever system for checking copyrighted music, which the Merc reported earlier but Google wouldn't confirm. Now Google is asking copyright holders to send them copies of videos to check against. Mark Cuban, ever the copyright defender and YouTube attacker, cried foul at that one. Now I'll tell you what's really happening here (in my analyst's opinion).

Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li's Blog): Google YouTube: What it means

Is YouTube worth $1.6B? You betcha. That’s 4 cents per video stream ($1.6B divided by 100 million daily views * 365 days) and it’s still growing. Another way to think of it is that YouTube has roughly 50 million users (35M in the US according to Nielsen NetRatings, and probably another 15M worldwide) which comes out to $32 per user. It’s high, but it’s also reasonable.

Google Webmaster tools

Google's webmaster tools provide you with a free and easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. Using our tools, you can: Get Google's view of your website, and diagnose potential problems. See how Google crawls and indexes your site and learn about specific problems we're having accessing it. See how your site is performing. Learn which queries drive traffic to your site, and see exactly how users arrive there.

Google PageRank: What Do We Know About It? | Smashing Magazine

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Everybody is using it, but (almost) nobody really knows how it works. Google PageRank is probably one of the most important algorithms ever developed for the Web.

3/4 of Traffic to Top Websites is International

comScore has released some intriguing data about Web usage internationally. They say that 14 of the top 25 US Web properties now attract more visitors from outside the US than from within. That includes the top 5 US properties - Yahoo! Sites, Time Warner Network, Microsoft, Google Sites, and eBay. This is significant because it's a continuation of a long-term trend for online population to be more distributed around the world - particularly in China and the rest of Asia. Indeed comScore says that the US share of global online population has fallen from 65% to less than 25% in 10 years. We've been tracking these trends on R/WW all this year - in September we noted that as a percentage of world Internet penetration, Asia increased from 35.6% to 36.5%. This incremental increase is happening month by month, whereas the US figure is staying static. As Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe, said: "The fact that more than three-quarters of the traffic to Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft is now coming from outside of the U.S. is indicative of what a truly global medium the Internet has become."

Comment est attribué le rang dans les résultats de Google

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Comment Google Attribue un Score à une Page Web Ce document est établi à partir d'une demande de brevet faite par Google auprès du bureau des brevets américain. Il explique en détail comment est attribué à chaque page le score qui déterminera sa position dans les résultats du moteur de recherche. Tous les critères qui déterminent le positionnement d'une page sont analysés et par conséquent les raisons qui provoquent l'effet sandbox sont dévoilées.

Watch Out Google, Vertical Search Is Ramping Up!

This week at DEMOfall I saw two vertical search applications that made me think that this area is getting mature and ready for prime time. Pluggd and Retrevo launched technologies that are not only good at finding podcasts and consumer electronics (respectively) - these sites categorize and present information in fundamentally new, different and intelligent ways. They do it so well that generic search just can not compete. In this article we look at the rise of vertical search and how it may end up threatening Google. We profile some of the more innovative and interesting vertical search engines - selected primarily based on how they organize the search results and allow the user to navigate through information. Try them out if you have not done so yet and let us know what you think... is vertical search ready for prime time?

vidéo : More EPIC Vision of the WEB: the media revolution, the prosumer and I

More EPIC Vision of the WEB: the media revolution, the prosumer and I

Google Operating System

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Unofficial news and tips about Google™

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