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SIMILE Widgets | Timeline

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With this widget, you can make beautiful interactive timelines like the one below. Try dragging it horizontally or using your mouse-wheel. Click on each event for more details.

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10 Key Tasks For Your Next Web Site | Smiley Cat Web Design

Last year I wrote about 12 essential web site building blocks — things that you should check when you take on responsibility for a new web site, or even just launch one. Well, this year I've come up with a few more, mostly as a reminder to me for the next site that I'll be running.

Login designs: the 9 worst ones and where to find good examples » malcolm coles

Examples of good login design That's what not to do. Here's what to do: 65 Examples of Login Form Design - this is the intro page. To see them all, click the second link in the first para. 36 beautiful login page / form designs - a great collection from Dzine this March. 21 beautiful login page/form designs - another collection from Dream CSS Attractive Login / Signup Interface Designs - more ideas from Designing Login Boxes: 6 examples of Good and Bad Design - thoughts from Design vs Art. Interface Design: Login/SignUp - collection from Web Design Ledger Login form designs and inspiration - some thoughts on options from OpenCrypt. Login Forms - a collection on Flickr (the same user, Factory Joe, has some other collections of interface designs and an interesting blog.) Inspriational Login in web design - another collection from Pattern Tap, a pattern library. Login - Interaction Design pattern Library - thoughts on good design and a collection from the pattern library. Using address finders in web forms - this is about address fields in registration processes rather than login. But it was interesting, so I included it here!

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Fade colors using jQuery

Demo for Fade colors using jQuery

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CSS Orgy » Blog Archive » 12 great online generators

Designing websites is a quite complex job, with many design elements to handle for great results. Hopefuly the web is now full of generators that make your job much easier, here are 12 of them.

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