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September 2007

Marketing Pop Culture: Internet Porn

An entertaining video on Internet porn--go ahead and watch it, 'cause you know you want to--produced by Good Magazine.  This is a good example of cleverly using the conventions of a genre to attract attention and, at the same time, to convey information.

July 2007

Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li's Blog): Google YouTube: What it means

Is YouTube worth $1.6B? You betcha. That’s 4 cents per video stream ($1.6B divided by 100 million daily views * 365 days) and it’s still growing. Another way to think of it is that YouTube has roughly 50 million users (35M in the US according to Nielsen NetRatings, and probably another 15M worldwide) which comes out to $32 per user. It’s high, but it’s also reasonable.

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