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Ajax Bestiary: SilkSprite Blueprint Plugin

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Silk Sprite is a Blueprint CSS plugin providing the Popular Silk Icon Package in CSS Sprite form to improve peformance and ease of use 


File Uploading Script - AJAX File Upload script - Uploaderr

File uploading websites are on the rise all across the Internet, and are gaining massive popularity as people want a quick and efficient targeted file backup available online, or want to send other people files in a quick and reliable way. People always use file uploading services. It’s becoming increasingly difficult finding a well-made, stylish, and more importantly quick file uploading script amongst all the rubbish available on the Internet today. It’s always been tough, but now we offer an awesome solution, Uploaderr - an incredible AJAX file upload script available to you for only $9.95

Ajax based tab interfaces

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Over the last few years web-developers have developed many AJAX and CSS Tab-based interfaces which became one of the most interesting techniques giving us an easy way to get information without the need to open and close multiple windows at the same time. We’ve spent hours searching for the best Tab-based interfaces using CSS only, CSS/Ajax and tutorials which would help you create your own Ajax or CSS Tab-based interfaces. We’d like to present the results of our search.


Toes in Ajax | MONFX

The main players in the world of ready-made Ajax Javascript libraries right now are and moo.fx. The collection uses the Prototype Javascript library, the scriptaculous.js javascript file and a couple of other files that work together to produce a very stable and large number of Ajax effects. works and looks great on most browsers, but the total file size of just prototype.js alone exceeds 50kb. For anyone who has any experience with web optimization, you know that an added 50kb file can easily make a site that loads normally in 3-4 seconds take almost 10 more seconds for slow connections. Unfortunately, most of the world is still using connections with 56kbps or less and you can lose a considerable amount of traffic with a slow site. But that’s another topic to discuss. This is where moo.fx comes into play. Mad4Milk’s moo.fx was developed exactly for this reason - it is essentially a stripped version of the Prototype framework and a couple of other scripts that aid in creating the effects. And the total file size? All of the files are a combined 12kb! As far as effects go, they are surely limited (to an extent I’m not sure of yet), but the popular ones that you’ll most likely use are offered by Prototype.lite.

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