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20 October 2006

Non Blog Style Themes Part 2, Non Blog Themes for WordPress, Non blog CMS, Styles » SilentBits | WordPress, Blogging, Plugins, Themes, Design, News, theme wordpress, plugins wordpress, blog wordpress, template wordpress, tip wordpress, tag wordpress, fr

Hemingway - this theme also is alive. There are some (from my point of view: ugly) bright mods out there. There are many great professional websites built on Hemingway. Designers only create graphics and put the site on the Hemingway engine. But there is also one great free mod of Hemingway, it is called Hemingway Pearled and you can see how it looks and works on: WordPress Poland.

15 October 2006

CSS Mania

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Who's offering more than 400 screenshots a month? We are.

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Un blog sur les photoblogs, la photo et la floutitude.

06 September 2006

MakingRoom Magazine : Mark Tucker : Louisiana & Salton Sea

A big part of the work—the texturizing—is done inside of Photoshop, but then, once the prints come out of the printer, they’re also coated with Oleopasto, Wingel, or Ageing Varnish. Somehow, the Epson print just doesn’t seem finished until I’ve coated the print with a palette knife and brush, and touched with my hands. After that’s done, I give them to the framer for traditional framing.

The Observer | Magazine | Out of the ordinary

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He's a softly spoken gentleman from the Deep South, with a taste for bourbon and antique guns and a reputation as a 'hellraiser'. He's also the photographer whose extraordinary ability to find beauty in the banal has transformed the way we look at the world. Sean O'Hagan travels to America to meet William Eggleston

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