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Moustache Paris, éditeur de design — design furnishing company

Fondée par stéphane arriubergé et massimiliano iorio, par ailleurs partenaires associés de Domestic, Moustache propose de rassembler par affinités électives une famille de designers capables de nourrir son projet en dessinant des objets innovants et honnêtes à inscrire de façon durable dans le temps.

Canadian Plus Mustache Styling wax

The Canadian Plus Mustache Styling Wax is a new and innovative family venture. As a newly founded venture we are excited in offering you a pleasant and enjoyable alternative to commercial brands."


CloudRaker : Movember!

Taxi Montreal, Toxa andCloudRaker are bringing the mustache back to Montreal. Agency Mo Bros and Mo Sistas are growing mustaches to raise awareness and money for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada as part of the international event known as Movember. Support the cause, make donations and encourage our teams!

American Mustache Institute

Enter the American Mustache Institute (AMI) - based in St. Louis as the city is home to the world's largest mustache - the St. Louis Arch. AMI is an advocacy organization protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against, mustached Americans by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the mustache. AMI continues to battle negative stereotyping that has accompanied the mustache since those glory years of the 1970s - the peak of mustache acceptance - fighting to create a climate of acceptance, understanding, flavor saving, and upper lip warmth for all mustached Americans alike.

Movember - Growing Moustaches in November

Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health.

Homepage - TACHEBACK

Our noble warriors clashed taches with style on the catwalk at our annual Grand Finale party, when our celebrity panel announced the Top Tache of 2008.

Mustaches for Kids

Mustaches for Kids is a volunteer-run organization started in Los Angeles in 1999 to do good and have fun by growing Mustaches for children's charities. Chapters

Flickr: Paris Moustache Club

Le Flickr du Paris Moustache Club. Ajoutez vos photos qui seront affichées sur la home du PMC.


Moustache Fight

which moustache reigns supreme? Click on a picture to vote for the best moustache. You are hereby charged with voting according to the golden moustache standard. Taste, presence, and use of the theme ingredient.

Bienvenue chez Henry Fessy

Les aïeux de Serges et Henry Fessy, la famille PELLISSIER, ont commencé à acheter, élever et vendre du vin dans les années 1888.

Mouvement International pour une Écologie Libidinale (M.I.E.L.)

L'épilation : norme et idéologie L'épilation : un enjeu féministe et lié à la sexualité attention à vous les hommes ! La propagande épilatoire cherche à conquérir de nouvelles parts de marché : vous êtes leur nouveau coeur de cible

Mrs. Moustache's Neighborhood

A monthly party for downtown NYC kids featuring the booty and electro sounds of DJ's Phiiliip, Michael Magnan, & Mrs. Moustache and hosted by Yelena M, and Renata & Dominic E.

le Myspace du Parismoustacheclub

Le myspace du Paris Moustache Club et une sources de friends à moustaches.

Your Face

If you are reading this and you do happen to be a real person then why not send me a photo (one which includes your real face) and I will draw a picture of you and post it here to serve as everlasting proof that sometimes facts are wrong

The World Beard & Moustache Championships 2007

The World Beard and Moustache Championships is a biennial event participated by beard and moustache wearers from all over the world. A different country will host the event as decided by The World Beard & Moustache Association (WBMA). The next World Beard & Moustache Championships will be hosted by 'The Handlebar Club' (H.B.C.) U.K. It will be held on 1st September 2007 at The Brighton Centre on the seafront of Brighton, Sussex.

Bienvenue chez Alain, maitre barbier

Alain, Maitre Barbier. 8 rue St Claude, 75003


Mens Guns Dont Kill People Mustaches Kill

Mens Guns Dont Kill People Mustaches Kill T-Shirt at

The Glorius Mustache Challenge

n an age ruled by beards, goatees, and clean-shaven faces, one man fights to save the mustache from permanent extinction. Jay Della Valle challenges a new generation of men to embrace the stache and face the consequences. As resistance mounts from girlfriends, friends, and family, this hilarious film dares to explore what it will take to bring the mustache back.

Effort Mustache

CURT DAVIS INVITATIONAL MUSTACHE GROWING CONTEST OF PADDLE SPORTS. SCORING - 100 Point scale based on 5 criteria 1. Shape/Style - 2. Donkeyness/Legitimacy - 3. Humiliation - 4. Creativity - 5. Salesmanship

Mustache Contest

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Mustache Contest: The Mustache Contest started by a humble man with a humble goal... to get girls. From it's early start it has grown and grown. As of this year, the contest is local only (within our company), but you can still be part of the mustache phenom

Mister Moustache

Mistermoustache le blog de ceux qui aiment les moustachus, bienvenue dans le plus grand concours de moustache du monde.

Association pour le Droit Aux Rasages Extravagants

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Bienvenue à la D.A.R.E, association pour le Droit Aux Rasages Extravagants

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