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July 2008

April 2008

Medieval 2: Total War - TWC Wiki

by 37 others
The mod aims to improve AI behaviour and composition of AI armies, adds more provinces, graphical improvements and many other campaign and battle map changes. Be warned that this mod aims to provide a much greater challenge than the original game!.....

March 2008

April 2007

Big Robot - Welcome

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Track invoices and other work documents with status tags.

March 2007

BBEdit repeat

by 6 others
The above would go through all the .html files in the directory and replace bbedit with hydra. I could, if I wanted, simply run it within Wisp, or pipe the list of files to it after finding them find $find. Or, since I have Golive & Dreamweaver (doubtful

Recovering a Failed Exchange 2003 Member Server Using the Disaster Recovery Switch

Now open the Exchange System Manager one more time and verify all Mailbox and Public Folder Stores have been mounted, if not mount them manually. When all the Stores have been mounted make sure you can see the mailboxes in the Mailboxes container under ea

Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player (White) | MP3 Products Review

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MP3 Products Review is proudly powered by WordPress using Google AdSense Kubrick Theme by David Law. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

BWView -- recorded brainwave viewing application

Windows binaries: The Windows archive below includes the SDL.DLL file, the BWVIEW executable and full source and documentation. If you wish to redistribute this (e.g. on a CD), please take time to review the GPL and LGPL licences that cover this software

February 2007

Wired News: Brit License Plates Get Chipped

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Tar (file format) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The checksum is calculated by taking the sum of the byte values of the header block with the eight checksum bytes taken to be ascii spaces (value 32). It is stored as a six digit octal number with leading zeroes followed by a nul and then a space.

January 2007

Wired News: Brit License Plates Get Chipped

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The U.K. Department for Transport gave the official go-ahead for the microchipped number plates (as they are called in the United Kingdom) last week, and the trial is expected to begin later this year. The government has been tight-lipped about the detail

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