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April 2008

April 2007

How to: Send Data Using the WebRequest Class

Console.WriteLine(CType(response, HttpWebResponse).StatusDescription) To get the stream containing response data sent by the server, call the GetResponseStream method of the WebResponse.

March 2007

Stats about all US cities - relocation info, maps, race, income, photos, education, crime, weather, houses, etc.

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Top 100 Lists of cities, including highest income, least crime, newest houses, most females, shortest commute, best educated residents, and many more.

BWView -- recorded brainwave viewing application

Windows binaries: The Windows archive below includes the SDL.DLL file, the BWVIEW executable and full source and documentation. If you wish to redistribute this (e.g. on a CD), please take time to review the GPL and LGPL licences that cover this software

February 2007

Wired News: Brit License Plates Get Chipped

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Tar (file format) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The checksum is calculated by taking the sum of the byte values of the header block with the eight checksum bytes taken to be ascii spaces (value 32). It is stored as a six digit octal number with leading zeroes followed by a nul and then a space.

CSWL : Device Management & Remote Network Monitoring

IF-MIB (RFC 2863), IP-MIB (RFC 2011), TCP-MIB (RFC 2012) , UDP-MIB (RFC 2013) are other MIBs that are relevant for most networking devices.

January 2007

Wired News: Brit License Plates Get Chipped

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The U.K. Department for Transport gave the official go-ahead for the microchipped number plates (as they are called in the United Kingdom) last week, and the trial is expected to begin later this year. The government has been tight-lipped about the detail

Steadfast · The Ultimate Swimming Pools Blog · All about above ground and inground swimming pools and accessories

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You?ll holdings be in want of to manufacture unswerving that the shroud you hand-pick is sufficient by both adjoining and situation regulations. True albeit the laws and regulations change, there are various areas that call a determined group or mass bur

Congress unlocks US cellphones | The Register

"Computer programs in the form of firmware that enable wireless telephone handsets to connect to a wireless telephone communication network, when circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of lawfully connecting to a wireless telephone communicati

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