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August 2007

Poker Videos

Tons of great poker videos

World of Warcraft videos

Lots of great World of Warcraft videos

Sims Videos

Tons of video clips from the game The Sims

Simpsons Videos

Great collection of Simpsons videos, movies, and trailers.

Naruto Videos

Great collection of Naruto videos and clips

Family Guy Videos

Great site with tons of Family Guy videos and clips

Scrubs Videos

Great collection of videos and clips from Scrubs

May 2007

Drunk David Hasselhoff Video

(via) a drunk Hoff slur and eat fried chicken...

April 2007

Wedding Speeches

Great source for professional wedding speeches

Learn Online Forex Currency Trading

Great guide to learning online Forex currency trading

March 2007

Oprah's The Secret Book for Free

Quick guide to getting The Secret from Oprah's book club for free..

Teak Patio Furniture

Nice geenral guide to options when buying teak patio furniture.

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