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03 April 2006 Fake eBay site scammed local man out of $5,000

A Canton, NC man learned about eBay scams the hard way. He was the victim of a clever scam carried out via email that ended up costing him $5000. After bidding unsucessfully on a 1968 Mustang via the legitimate eBay site, he was contacted by someone masquerading as the seller, and given a 'second chance' to take possession of the car. The email pointed to a fake eBay site that spoofed the original.

30 March 2006

IRS Refund Scam

The real IRS website is If you need to verify a claim or check information, visit the website by opening your browser and typing in the address. Don't click a link in email claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.

PayPal Phishing Scams

To check your PayPal account safely, visit the PayPal site by opening your web browser and typing in the link ( - not by clicking a link in an email. Once on the real PayPal site, you can then login normally and click the "History" tab to view any transactions made on your account. If you do find a fraudulent charge, you can report it to PayPal by clicking on the "Resolutions Dispute" tab and filing a claim.

Amazon Phishing Scam

Phishing scams are disguised as correspondence from valid financial or eCommerce providers. The email typically uses fear tactics in an effort to entice the intended victim into visiting a fraudulent website and entering sensitive financial details. The information collected is surreptitiously sent to the attacker who then uses it to engage in credit card and bank fraud - or outright identity theft.

Tell-tale signs of a hoax

What is it about hoaxes that make so many believe them and forward them on to dozens of others? Here's a look at some of the possible reasons hoaxes seem to have lives of their own, plus a list of tell-tale signs to help you distinguish fact from fiction.

29 March 2006 Q&A: International Society Of Photographers

is the International Society Of Photographers or ISP a scam or not?

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