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October 2006

Blogmark v1.7 at Rien de spécial

by 4 others, 6 comments
Extension firefox bien sympa pour blogmarker en toute tranquilité

March 2006

February 2006

ISO 9001 2000 in Plain English - Page 1 of 2

Un bon départ pour comprendre les implications de la certification ISO 9001

TracMultipleProjects - The Trac Project - Trac

configurer trac 0.8.x en multiprojet - Shorten long links!

nouveau service de minimisation (?) d'urls (ala

SitePoint Blogs » Using SVN for Web Development

by 4 others
An article about the trickiness of using svn in a web developpement context

alternatives to innerHTML

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用 DOM 來代春 innerHTML 的方法

Tag Clouds with acts_as_taggable

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nuages de tag sous ruby on rails

taggable : RDoc Documentation

by 1 other (via)
Documentation du module de gestion des tags dans ruby on rails

Tagging on Steroids with Rails

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acts_as_taggable: Tags avec rails

SimpleTicket - Open Source Trouble Ticket System for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

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The first Ruby on Rails based trouble ticket system released as an open source project.

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