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July 2007

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Jacob and Rachel

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I have already heard of this child bible story in a cartoon show.I really loved it alot because it does not talk only about to get rid of every thing in your life but it shows also that you dont have to show off because you will lose at last.

Great classic!

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My grandfather told me this child bible story when i was a little child but I remember that it was a bit different,infact the turtle used its cleverness to win the race so the moral lession was different.

The Tower of Babel

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This child bible story has always made me wonder what twenty eider-down beds are. Anyway, I'm a fan of The Princess and The Pea because she felt the Pea through the beds and the prince likes sensitive women like I do. JK It really doesn't mean a thing to me and I didn't learn a lesson from it. Thanks anyway. You did your best.

Wings to Fly

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I love this Bible because of its simplicity. It does not have all of the Bible child story in it, but it has around 300 of them but in those 300 you will learn alot.It gets to the point plus the illustrations by artist Jose Montero are quite excellent- they will reinforce

March 2007

Discover the secrets about child story.

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Jack and the Beanstalk is the greatest child story ever written! The most memorable fairytales are chronicled in a new edition. Everyone, young and old, will remember every fabulous child story!

Perfect for a thematic unit on Gingerbread.

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When i first saw it at the hallmark channel i thought i will watch likes the other little mermaid child story i saw and read...and so i after watching scenes by scenes my heart fell inspired by the child story soon i find my self shedding a tear 2 or more...i promise i'll watch or read it again to that inspiration i found so surf the web ending here at this be true the child story is really touching even if its sad... the child story is so unique

Great for lovers of the short story

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I enjoyed this child bible story. This is the case of "if you only listen". This child bible story also ,let's us know that even the smallest or the one you thing don't matter can always,give a SMART response or a life saving answer.

Awesome online children's bible

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This child bible story tells me thatdo not be boastful and proud.This authur is so funny.This child bible story is so intresting and funny too .I love this child bible story tremendously. From : Sharlyn Ng Jia Yi

Discover the secrets about child story.

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The child story was very good and it made me think like dont jugde people get to now them then you can jugde them so dont judge a book by its cover the book talt me a lession lve aprilx-x

Easy to understand child story information.

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I love this fable because its simple to understand and also its important for many aspects of our lives, its a big moral for all kind of people no matter the age.