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June 2006

Pauline Oliveros Frame

great composer, Deep Listening Theory, great wrtitings about sound, listening, improvisation

February 2006

January 2006

Crap Art: Album-A-Day

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Make a whole album in 24 hours!

December 2005

Circuit Snippets

many diy filters and disto scematics

diy midi serial interface

how to build a midi interface via serail port

November 2005

October 2005


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Nanoloop is a synthesizer / sequencer for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (TM). Stored on a normal game cartridge, it allows to produce nice electronic music without further hardware, using either headphones or an external amplifier (home stereo, active speakers, etc) as sound output.

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collection of vintage synthesizers or little instruments amazing designs, some sound examples

Theremin Vox

about theremin, musical gesture, sound

Get LoFi

circuit bending blog


many audio electronics diy schematics and tips

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