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23 February 2006 12:30

Godbit Project | Podcasting Your Church

One of the big projects I have taken on at my church is making our sermons available online. Although it is not directly related to web design, this task is usually give to whomever is in charge of a church’s web site.

27 January 2006 03:30

Godbit Project

Our reason for existing is to glorify the One whose name is above all names. We want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with our talents, and teach others to realize the potential they have. The name Godbit helps to put this in proper perspective. On the one hand, you have God who is infinite in all ways, and on the other you have the infinitesimal, immeasurably small bit of data. We seek to refine the quality in even the minuscule nuances of code, to the glory of God.

Godbit Project | Metadata on the Web

Over the past few days I have been wondering what are the different types of metadata one can add to their website. I’ve seen a number of different types, some of which are familiar to me and others which aren’t. But just what exactly is metadata?

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