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April 2006


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MisterHouse is an open source home automation program. It's fun, it's free, and it's entirely geeky.

February 2006

Ripoffs brand products by the REELINE company

from micah: got a Ripoffs holster from my phone while picking up a geocache container (ammo box) at Harry's Army Surplus last night.

January 2006

Wired 13.03: The King of Thrones

Ashish Kulkarni has a doctorate in chemical engineering. He used to develop plastics for General Electric. Now he's in the bowels of a research facility in central New Jersey, dropping golf balls into a toilet.

Sweetwater Octaviser

If your band anguishes over being unable to perform the songs of Journey, Iron Maiden, Rush, Mariah Carey and other high-range singing legends, Sweetwater is proud to introduce the Octaviser, a shocking new hardware solution that takes upper register falsetto, singing and screaming to a whole new level!

Cool Tool: TerraLUX LED Replacement Bulb

This item converts any AA or AAA Maglite into an LED torch, with the same brightness as the original, the same ability to focus the bulb, much longer battery life, and eliminating the need to ever change the bulb again.

Cool Tool: Tabletop SmartSockets

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t's circular so you have a fighting chance of getting six AC adapters on it. The cord is 16 feet long, so you can get it to places without an extension cord, and the cord has an angled plug so you can use the socket below it.

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