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19 June 2005

Macromedia Accessibility - Accessibility Flashmx for Dreamweaver

Tutoriel sur la création d'éléments Flash accessibles (textes, éléments graphiques, animations, boutons)

Macromedia - Accessibility : Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Features

Point d'entrée pour l'accessibilité de Flash chez Macromedia. (Partialité des informations ?)

15 June 2005 1.1 Accessibility White Paper

(via) 1.1 Accessibility White Paper

10 June 2005

Big, Stark & Chunky: A List Apart

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Comment faire une CSS pour personne malvoyante


Un des blogs de Joe Clark, celui-ci est dédié à l'accessibilité.

01 June 2005

le site internet du planétarium accessible aux handicapés

Première mondiale : le site internet du planétarium accessible aux handicapés

30 May 2005

Disability Access Symbols

The twelve symbols below may be used to promote and publicize accessibility of places, programs and other activities for people with various disabilities.

Symbolizing accessibility (Joe Clark: Media Access)

After half a decade of attempts and a misapplication of the “classic” wheelchair icon, we finally have something that might work as a generic indicator of accessibility – from Apple, of all places.

25 May 2005

Utiliser Clip pour masquer du contenu de manière accessible ? - Blog & Blues - Standards Web et accessibilité

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une piste à suivre : utiliser la propriété CSS clip pour masquer un contenu dans les navigateurs graphiques tout en le laissant accessible aux lecteurs d'écran, offrant ainsi une alternative au display: none / visibility: hidden et à la méthode de Paul Bohman.

23 May 2005

22 May 2005

AFUL : Icones de pages web (la bonne manière)

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Icones de pages web (la bonne manière) Ou comment mettre des icones pour vos pages web en suivant les standards de manière à ce qu'elles apparaissent dans les navigateurs libres tels que Mozilla.

Skills for Access : The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Accessible Multimedia for e-learning

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This web site provides you with a comprehensive resource on issues relating to multimedia, e-learning and accessibility. Whether you're new to e-learning, want to know more about specific accessibility issues, or are an expert multimedia developer, we believe you'll find information relevant to your needs.

Elastic Design Demonstration - HTML Dog

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This page demonstrates some of the issues raised in the Elastic Design article in A List Apart. To see the elastic effects take place, increase or decrease the text-size of your browser.

HTMLArea, the Web-based editor []

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La base des éditeurs graphiques pour CMS. Tombe en désuétude par manque de maintenance et d'ouverture. FckEditor semble le supplenter.

FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet

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This HTML text editor brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of known desktop editors like Word. It's really lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation on the client computer. As it is Open Source, you are allowed to use it for free wherever you want.

16 May 2005

Essential Components of Web Accessibility

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This document shows how Web accessibility depends on several components working together and how improvements in specific components could substantially improve Web accessibility. It also shows how the WAI guidelines address these components.

12 May 2005

Colorblind Web Page Filter

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Outil de test de couleurs. Gère bien les images, y compris celles décrites dans les CSS

11 May 2005

Ampersands, PHP Sessions and Valid HTML - QA @ W3C

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Why using PHP sessions causes invalid HTML and XHTML to be generated, and how to fix it.

10 May 2005

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