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February 2008

January 2008

State of Fear

Michael Crichton's State of Fear indicates future cooling rather than global warming, as in an ice age.

April 2007

On the Nature of the Universe

An original author of atomic theory (think ancient Rome) is discussed.

March 2007

February 2007

On Shifting the Desert to Grass

There may have been an ecological alternative in the Middle East.

Theory of Sand and Dirt

Ancient Egyptians prevented an ecosystem from establishing itself in ancient Egypt.

Dinosaurs Adapt

Information about genetic changes in dinosaurs.

Saving the Aral Sea

One of the largest lakes in Asia is disappearing before our eyes, within one human lifespan.


About genetics and Michael Crichton's tale.

Are UFOs Real?

Information about UFOs, also seeking comments from others on whether UFOs are real.

January 2007

On the Disapearance of the Anasazi

Possible explanation of why the Anasazi disappeared from New Mexico.

December 2006

Medieval Science at its Best: Tale of Gervase of Canterbury

Recounting of monks' observation which was to have effects for 700 years.

A Perspective on Bioengineering

An examination favoring crossbreeding instead of genetic modification.

Facts about the Tunguska Event

Re-examination of the events involved in the Tunguska Siberian explosion.