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2008 : portail PHP et MySQL - DOM XML pour manipuler des documents

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Alejandro Gervasio publie un dossier bientôt complet sur les manipulations de noeuds XML via l'extension DOM. DOM est une des API de PHP pour manipuler des documents XML : elle permet l'ajout, le retrait ou la modification de noeuds, avec une gamme impressionnante de fonctions. Si vaste, cette gamme, qu'il est parfois difficile de comprendre comment on va faire pour réaliser certaines opérations simples.

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

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A simple PHP HTML DOM parser written in PHP5 . I wrote it is because using PHP DOM XML library to parse HTML is really a pain. The origional idea is from Jose Solorzano's HTML Parser for PHP 4.


The Well-Formed Web - Exploring the limits of XML and HTTP

This site will be a clearing house for ideas, tips, techniques and code, rooted in working examples and real-world experience in implementing the Well-Formed Web.

QuirksBlog: The AJAX response: XML, HTML, or JSON?

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In this entry I'd like to discuss the three formats, with examples, and ask you which format you've used in your practical AJAX applications.

2005 Project Info - OpenOffice filter to Microsoft Word XML

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Plugin pour Microsoft Office permettant de générer des documents au format OpenOffice (SXW/OpenDocument)

XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 1: Overview of XML features

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Discover new XML features for the fastest-growing Web browser

XSLT-process mode for GNU Emacs/XEmacs

XSLT-process is a minor mode for GNU Emacs/XEmacs which transforms it into a powerful editor with XSLT processing and debugging capabilities. Project Info - google-xjaxslt

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AJAXSLT is an implementation of XSL-T in JavaScript, intended for use in fat web pages, which are nowadays referred to as AJAX applications. Because XSL-T uses XPath, it is also an implementation of XPath that can be used independently of XSL-T.

Sitemap Protocol

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Décrit un protocole pour guider les moteurs de recherche dans les pages d'un site Web (en anglais).

AJAX Matters - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and XMLHTTP development information

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AJAX Matters is an informational site about AJAX (short for "Advanced Javascripting and XML" or "Asynchronous JavaScripting and XML") and how these technologies are applied to web development.

Create Web applets with Mozilla and XML

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Mozilla's simple and flexible XUL saves time when building Java-less applets

Présentation RDF

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RDF - Resource Description Framework

Xforms disponible en test - News Xulfr

Ce package inaugure aussi le framework XTF, qui permet d'ajouter dynamiquement le support d'un langage XML dans Gecko. -- énaume !

Getting into XML with the Microsoft Office System

Getting into XML with the Microsoft Office System. Also a good XML intro.

Web Services Acronyms, Demystified

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Tous les accronymes existant en 2002 autour des Web Services

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