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24 March 2005 14:00

Template Tags « WordPress Codex

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Template tags are used within your blog's pages to display information dynamically or otherwise customize your blog

24 March 2005 11:00

PluginManager - WordPress Plugin Repository

The Plugin Manager (download) is a plugin which gives you central access to all the plugins stored in its database. It also allows certain plugins to be downloaded and installed in a single click. It makes keeping up with plugin development easy by informing you if upgrades are available.

24 March 2005 08:00

WordPress Multiuser › Home

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Using WordPress Multi-user edition you will be able to people be able to sign up for a new blog and have them securely manage their templates and settings without affecting any other users.

23 March 2005 14:00

Red Alt - Kubrickr

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Kubrickr is a tool that lets you replace that giant blue blob at the top of your WordPress 1.5 blog with a nice photo from Flickr.

Red Alt - WordPress Index Builder

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This tool will help you create a content page for WordPress 1.3. This page can be used as the default page for your site (index.php) or for a supplemental page that displays different content.

guff » Get Author Profile

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Get Author Profile is a pretty basic WordPress plugin that lets you manually access an author’s (i.e. user’s) profile.

23 March 2005 10:00

WordPress Codex

by 19 others
Welcome to WordPress Codex, the official documentation web site for WordPress, written and maintained by users like you.

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