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August 2007

Syncotype Your Baselines —

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I wrote a simple bookmarklet script that overlays a baseline grid atop everything on the page you’re viewing.

July 2007

Exceptional Performance

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Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance team evangelizes best practices for improving web performance. They conduct research, build tools, write articles and blogs, and speak at conferences. Their best practices center around the rules for high performance web sites.

YSlow for Firebug

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YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow based on the rules for high performance web sites. YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated with the popular Firebug web development tool. YSlow gives you: * Performance report card * HTTP/HTML summary * List of components in the page * Tools including JSLint

[ANN] mod_concat

The ability to concatenate CSS or javascript files into a single HTTP request.

0x000000 ◊ The Hacker Webzine

I've talked about CSRF before, but this time I wanted to show some of the underlying basics of it and explain why it isn't a new trick or something special. It is part of browsers and the way HTTP works, also to remove any argument that POST should be safer then GET. I know this is Internet basics, it still can be refreshing to read it over from time to time.

June 2007

XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat Sheet

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This page is for people who already understand the basics of XSS attacks but want a deep understanding of the nuances regarding filter evasion.

May 2007

minify - Google Code

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Minify attempts to fix this problem by combining multiple CSS or JavaScript files into one download. By default, it also removes comments and unnecessary whitespace to decrease the amount of data that must be sent to the browser. Most importantly, it does all of this on the fly and requires only a few simple changes to your existing web pages.

February 2007

ongoing · Comparing Frameworks

The problem at hand is Web Application Building. Thus we are not considering general issues of compute performance, because in Web apps, you don’t do much computing. You get some values from the browser, you use them to pull some info out of a database, you report them to the user, maybe you update the database, and that’s about it.

September 2006

The ALA Primer: A Guide for New Readers

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A List Apart offers hundreds of articles on design, markup, style, accessibility, usability, and more. We’ve selected a few that you might want to start with.

February 2006

Joshua Schachter, - Notes

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Things to look out for when building a large application.

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