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March 2007

January 2007

Mailhook - The easiest way to accept mail in your web apps

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Just put in a URL, and we'll give you a mail host that will post to your URL when it receives email, giving you easy access to all the fields of incoming email.

December 2005

IECapt - A Internet Explorer Web Page Rendering Capture Utility

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IECapt is a small command-line utility to capture Internet Explorer's rendering of a web page into a BMP, JPEG or PNG image file.

Kartouche - a web-based translation tool

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Kartouche is a web-based translation tool - it allows translations to be submitted via a browser-based interface. Kartouche's sister application, Omnivore, stores the completed translations in a searchable store to which comments and corrections can be added.

May 2005


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It's simpler, faster, more polite, and less annoying than group emails. -- if it's true, i'm gonna love it :)