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Supervisor: A System for Allowing the Control of Process State on UNIX

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The supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems. It shares some of the same goals of programs like launchd, daemontools, and runit, although unlike some of these programs, it is not meant to be run as "process 0". Instead it is meant to be used to control processes related to a project or a customer, and is meant to start like any other program at boot time.

FrontPage - IPython

An enhanced Python shell designed for efficient interactive work. It includes many enhancements over the default Python shell, including the ability for controlling interactively all major GUI toolkits in a non-blocking manner.

Python Package Index : virtualenv 1.0

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virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments.

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | atompubbase - An AtomPub Python Client Library

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The idea of atompubbase is that it is a rather thin layer over straight HTTP, but supplying the convenience functions that are really needed and plenty of hooks points for extension.


VObject Home

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vobject is intended to be a full featured Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files.

[PEAK] PEAK Status Report

While the core PEAK toolkit for AOP, MDA, and other TLA's (three-letter acronyms) hasn't been released or changed much in the last 2 or three years, some of the non-core tools have really taken off.

about:cmlenz - Announcing Babel

I've just pushed out the first release of a new project that has been in the works for a couple of weeks now: Babel, a Python library for internationalization and localization in Python applications, especially web-based applications.

alan little’s weblog | transliterator

I needed something for a project I’m working on that would let me easily enter romanised Sanskrit text on a normal keyboard (or better still, find romanised Sanskrit text on the internet) and then convert it to proper devanagari Sanskrit text in unicode.

The Object HTTP Mapper

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OHM is a library for serving Python objects as REST-style HTTP APIs, and for consuming REST-style APIs as Python objects.

plope - supervisor2

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The supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.


Welcome to Schevo! — Schevo

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Schevo is an innovative solution to the typical challenges faced in the development of database applications.

Google mMaim

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mMAIM's job is to make a it easy to monitor and analyze MySQL servers and to easily integrate itself into any environment.