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September 2006

Swift Mailer - A Pluggable PHP Mailing Library

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"Send to hundreds of thousands of addresses without cron"


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PHP_CodeSniffer is a PHP5 script that tokenises and "sniffs" PHP code to detect violations of a defined set of coding standards. It is an essential development tool that ensures that your code remains clean and consistent. It can even help prevent some common semantic errors made by developers.

June 2006

tincan ltd : phplist : What is PHPlist

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PHPlist is a double opt-in newsletter manager. It is written in PHP and uses an SQL database for storing the information. PHPlist is software that runs on a server.

April 2006

MCache Documentation | Mohawksoft.Org

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Not as simple as a file-based solution and not as complex as a database, the mcache daemon provides a balance between complexity and speed, while providing access to a single source of information for one or (many) more web servers.

January 2006


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PHPLint is not simply a checker: it implements a new, strong typed, language implemented over PHP.

phc -- the open source PHP compiler

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phc is a compiler for PHP that will translate PHP code directly into Linux assembly code. It can be used as a (C++) framework for developing refactoring tools, aspect weavers, script obfuscators and any other tools that operate on PHP scripts.

November 2005

Plogger: The definitive open-source web photo gallery

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Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. A web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings

October 2005

tbsOOo : TinyButStrong OOo

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En pratique, il suffit de concevoir un document avec OpenOffice qui servira de modèle (template). Ensuite à partir du script PHP il reste à fusionner ce modèle avec une source de données pour obtenir un nouveau document OpenOffice.

WAnewsletter : Maintenez le contact avec vos visiteurs

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WAnewsletter est un script de newsletter complet programmé en PHP et utilisant une base de données.

September 2005

EleganTK , AGL et Framework pour PHP

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EleganTK est un outil de développement utilisant et produisant du code PHP 5 (Ne fonctionne plus en PHP 4) et permettant non seulement de développer des applications web, mais aussi des applications windows grâce a son jeu de composants windows.

May 2005

Gubed PHP Debugger - Home

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Gubed is a cross platform program to debug PHP scripts.


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PHP Library for reading Excel files

March 2005

Debugging using Zend Server from Firefox - Pixelated Dreams

Now, you can click the link for any page you want to debug, just like in IE.


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phpOpenTracker is a framework solution for the analysis of website traffic and visitor analysis.