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innodb-tools - Google Code

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This set of tools could be used to check InnoDB tablespaces and to recover data from damaged tablespaces or from dropped/truncated InnoDB tables.

White Paper: Intelligent Updates to Configuration Files - Spike Developer Zone

In this paper, we provide a new two­fold solution – automated merging of changes that are done by a software provider after installation and manual merging of changes performed by the user thereafter. While some manual intervention is required in this approach, it is a more reliable solution. This approach also includes a tool to ease the manual file comparison and merge process.

Error Buddy - Spike Developer Zone

Do you have an error message from your application? Then find the answer with Error Buddy. You can search over 40000 source code files and troubleshooting documents using our beta lucene/nutch search interface or if you prefer, search as normal using google. With LXR technology you can drill right down into the line of source code where it came from with full cross-referencing.

Review Board

For too long, code reviews have been too much of a chore. This is largely due to the lack of quality tools available, leaving developers to resort to e-mail and bug tracker-based solutions. At VMware, we've traditionally done code reviews over e-mail. A significant amount of time was wasted in forming review requests, switching between the diff and the e-mail, and trying to understand what parts of the code the reviewer was referring to. We decided to fix all that.

ChipLog » Blog Archive » Review Board

it started out simple, but grew to be pretty powerful and useful quickly. It was designed to automate and simplify the process of creating review requests and actually reviewing code.

[Beta] Rapid coding collaboration: Springloops

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Springloops is a unique source code management tool focused on web development teams. It allows you to code in parallel and share your code safely concentrated on results, not on lost changes or overwritten files. You get rapid collaboration in protected space. Thanks to the project management perspective it serves the getting things done attitude. Moreover, Springloops reduces repeatable activities in your day-to-day work. It makes great things simple.

The Open Source Developers' Conference Papers » Coding in a Distributed Team: Testing, Reviewing, Sharing and Merging Code Without Going Crazy

Andrew Bennetts will describe two of the technical tools Launchpad developers use to solve these problems: the distributed version control system Bazaar and the Patch Queue Manager which controls code merges.


Home - Spike Developer Zone

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Many interesting things here.


gonzui: a source code search engine

gonzui is a source code search engine for accelerating open source software development.

Welcome to Schevo! — Schevo

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Schevo is an innovative solution to the typical challenges faced in the development of database applications.

Rob Holland: Useful tool for auditing/debugging

This is a small tool which allows you to force any execution of a binary on your system to always be via a debugger (such as strace/valgrind) without having to modify the binary or the way its called in any way.