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Hypertable: An Open Source, High Performance, Scalable Database

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Hypertable is an open source project based on published best practices and our own experience in solving large-scale data-intensive tasks. Our goal is to bring the benefits of new levels of both performance and scale to many data-driven businesses who are currently limited by previous-generation platforms. Our goal is nothing less than that Hypertable become the world’s most massively parallel high performance database platform.


Propel Criteria Builder

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This is an alpha-release of a utility that converts pseudo-SQL into PHP Propel code. Give it a try — feedback is welcome on the symfony forum!

innodb-tools - Google Code

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This set of tools could be used to check InnoDB tablespaces and to recover data from damaged tablespaces or from dropped/truncated InnoDB tables.

ruckusing - Google Code

Ruckusing Migrator is a "Database Migrations" framework for PHP5.

GreenSQL - Open Source Database Firewall Solution

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GreenSQL is an Open Source database firewall used to protect databases from SQL injection attacks. GreenSQL works in a proxy mode and has built in support for MySQL. The logic is based on evaluation of SQL commands using a risk scoring matrix as well as blocking known db administrative commands (DROP, CREATE, etc). GreenSQL is distributed under the GPL license

Library of Free Data Models from

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Here are about 450 very useful 'Kick-Start' Data Models that I have created since I started 5 years ago


Azzurri Clay - Database Modeling in Eclipse

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Clay is a database design tool that runs as a plug-in in the Eclipse ( development environment