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yowl - Google Code

Yowl provides a set of Ajax interfaces that web applications can call to display notifications to the user. The advantage of calling to Yowl rather than managing the notifications directly is that Yowl allows the user to control the style of the messages, or even whether the messages should appear at all. Yowl is inspired by the Growl system for Mac OS and will integrate with it.

Yahoo! UI Library: Browser History Manager

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The YUI Browser History Manager is an experimental component designed to facilitate the creation of web applications in which the navigation buttons are fully functional and in which broad aspects of an application's state — what panels are open, what tabs are active, etc. — can be bookmarked.


Relay: Ajax Directory Manager

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Are you fed up with that lame old directory manager your hosting company provided you with for you website or blog? If you are already familiar with windows or mac file browsers, why should you have to change the way you work for the web? Try Relay for a change.

OpenLaszlo "Legals" | OpenLaszlo

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"Legals" is an OpenLaszlo project to provide a single application environment that supports multiple deployment runtimes. OpenLaszlo 3.x supports Flash 7 and 8 now, but Legals will extend that reach to include DHTML as well as Flash 9.

alphaWorks : AJAX Toolkit Framework : Overview

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AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) provides extensible tools for building IDEs for the many different AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) run-time environments (such as Dojo, Zimbra, etc.). This technology also contains features for developing, debugging, and testing AJAX applications. The framework provides enhanced JavaScript editing features such as edit-time syntax checking; an embedded Mozilla Web browser; an embedded DOM browser; and an embedded JavaScript debugger.

Ajax Blog - JotForm Beta : Online WYSIWYG form builder

Jotform is an online WYSIWYG form builder, works on Ajax, Instant Edit and JavaScript.

Prototype gets selector magic

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$$('div#page p.summary img').each(Element.hide);


Datatype: eZObjectrelationbrowse / Datatypes / Contribs

The standard 'browse' method used to relate items in eZ publish proved to be too cumbersome when working with a large number of objects. This datatype uses Ajax to display all available objects in a single, dynamically filterable list.

SQL Designer

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Modeliseur de BDD en AJAX. Impressionnant

MochiKit – A lightweight Javascript library

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We took all the good ideas we could find from our Python, Objective-C, etc. experience and adapted it to the crazy world of JavaScript.

JSJaC - JavaScript Jabber Client Library

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JSJaC is a jabber client library written in JavaScript to ease implementation of web based jabber clients.

Prototype: Object-Oriented Javascript Library

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Prototype is a Javascript library that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.

start [JPSPAN]

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The objective is to make connecting a Javascript client with a PHP server as painless and error-free as possible.