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An Introduction to the Art of Unit Testing in PHP

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Unit Testing is often seen as an arcane, time consuming task - which it sometimes can be! But the point of spending time writing tests is to improve the quality of your source code so it has fewer overall bugs, many of which are detected early, a continual testing process to prevent new changes from changing the behaviour of older code, and to provide confidence that your code can be depended on. There are other benefits too, and we'll detail these later.

Mike Naberezny - Better PHPUnit Group Annotations

Running phpunit --group bug42 AllTests.php will run only the tests associated with bug #42, regardless of what files and groups those test methods span.

WebInject - (HTTP) Web Application and Web Services Test Tool

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WebInject is a free tool for automated testing of web applications and web services. It can be used to test individual system components that have HTTP interfaces (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Servlets, HTML Forms, XML/SOAP Web Services, etc), and can be used as a test harness to create a suite of [HTTP level] automated functional, acceptance, and regression tests. A test harness, also referred to as a test driver or a test framework, allows you to run many test cases and collect/report your results. WebInject offers real-time results display and may also be used for monitoring system response times.

PHPUnit as a Project Mess Detector - Sebastian Bergmann

Well. As of version 3.2, PHPUnit will not only be able to calculate and collect a variety of software metrics. It will also be able to report violations of rules that are based on these metrics in PMD's XML format. This information can then be fed to any tool that integrates with PMD.

James Carr » Blog Archive » TDD Anti-Patterns

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Recently I began to write a paper on TDD Anti-Patterns, and decided to first quickly jot down some of the most common ones that others or myself have encountered “in the wild.”

sin: Continuous Integration Rethought

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We have learned that Continuous Integration can help us catch bugs early. Continuous Integration is the concept of continuously building and testing software using an automated process. I'll begin by describing how most (if not all) existing Continuous Integration systems work and the problems with that approach. Then I'll explain what Sin does differently and what benefits the user get from doing it this way.


Google Sponsors the LinuxBIOS project

Thanks to Google's sponsorship, we've been able to significantly improve the project's Quality Assurance process by creating a completely automated and distributed testing environment. Every single commit results in BIOS images being built for all mainboards, and tested on real hardware located all over the world. So whenever you want to download a LinuxBIOS image, you can now know that it works on a reference machine before flashing it to your system.

PushToTest - Free open-source software test automation solutions - TestMaker Features and Capabilities

TestMaker is a test automation framework and utility to help you understand and solve functionality, scalability and performance of services.

Open Source Testing: About aims to boost the profile of open source testing tools within the testing industry, principally by giving users easy access from one central location to the wide range of open source testing tools available.

Selenium IDE: Selenium IDE

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It is implemented as a Firefox extension, and allows you to record, edit, and debug tests.

Solex - Web Application Testing with Eclipse

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Solex is a free open source Web application testing tool built as a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE.


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J3Unit is an object-oriented unit testing framework for JavaScript



Anteater is a testing framework designed around Ant, from the Apache Jakarta Project. It provides an easy way to write tests for checking the functionality of a Web application or of an XML Web service.

Effortless (or Better!) Bug Detection with PHP Assertions [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]

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If you're anything like me, you enjoy writing code a lot more than you enjoy testing and debugging it. If we could produce higher quality code with less test and debug effort, we'd jump at the chance, right?

IEs 4 Linux - Sergio Lopes

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IEs for Linux is a simple Bash Script program that installs Internet Explorer 6, 5.5 and 5 on Linux using Wine. The whole process is automatic and very easy.

SitePoint Blogs » Website testing with TestGen4Web and Firefox

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Ran into TestGen4Web today; a Firefox extension (needs 1.5 beta) to help automate testing of web applications, developed by Spikesource, a company making a name for themselves by testing Open Source applications.

Test::Harness::TAP -

TAP, the Test Anything Protocol, is Perl's simple text-based interface between testing modules such as Test::More and the test harness Test::Harness.

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