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February 2008

Bash script to init a subversionned Symfony project

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Usage : new-symfony-project PROJECT-NAME You can define following variables to customize the creation : - SYMFONY_BRANCH : The Symfony branch used - SYMFONY_REPOS : The full Symfony SVN repository URL, if set, SYMFONY_BRANCH is ignored - SYMFONY_DATA : The path to the data folder of your Symfony installation. If not left empty, no SVN version will be downloaded (using local installation) and two precedent variables will be ignored - TRUNK_URL : The trunk of your project (default : repos created) - SVNADMIN_REPOS : Local root for SVN repositories - WEB_DIR : Local root for Web directories

January 2008

sfZendPlugin Alternative to Installing the Zend Framework | MirthLab

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I often use the Zend Framework from within my Symfony applications and until recently, I’ve been using the sfZendPlugin to import and autoload the library. You’ll notice that this plugin has recently been axed leaving some people confused as to how to use the library in their projects.

SteerCMS Demo Site

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Steer CMS is a state of the art Open Source content management system which offers a number of features and benefits. From an intelligent and intuitive workflow model and administration, to lean and ultra fast blend of dynamic, and static public interfaces, it lends itself perfectly to enterprise level and SME implementations. Steer CMS has been engineered as a robust and scalable platform for high traffic sites. Built on Symfony framework, It uses a plugable architecture to provide a set of standard services while retaining the flexibility to add new modules for specialised functions.

December 2007

Propel Criteria Builder

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This is an alpha-release of a utility that converts pseudo-SQL into PHP Propel code. Give it a try — feedback is welcome on the symfony forum!

November 2007


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Symfoclipse is a plugin for the Eclipse platform that ease the development process of web applications using the Symfony framework.

August 2007

Symfony Plugins - A five minute primer

So this was really just a quick preview, but the patterns and structures shown above basically set the rules on how plugins work across the board.

May 2007

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