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cleverbox - - Open Source Software - Trac

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The cleverbox provides an interactive command line shell dedicated to the deployment and maintenance of trac and subversion instances. It can handle multiple configuration profiles, enabling the deployment of differently flavored type of project (trac configuration and permissions, apache configuration templates, etc). Project's main objective is to make your life as simple as possible. Thus, it comes with easy installation, easy upgrades and a comprehensive documentation.

Piston ~ Easy Vendor Branch Management

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Piston is a utility that eases vendor branch management. This is similar to svn:externals, except you have a local copy of the files, which you can modify at will. As long as the changes are mergeable, you should have no problems.


A Visual Guide to Version Control | BetterExplained

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This guide is purposefully high-level: most tutorials throw a bunch of text commands at you. I prefer to cover the high-level concepts without getting stuck in the syntax (the manual is always there don’t worry). Sometimes it’s nice to see what’s possibl

Submerged - Subversion Blog - Branching Strategy Questioned...

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It is an exciting time for Subversion as its adoption continues at a dizzying pace in enterprises. I'm out there helping that adoption so I'm a bit late in posting the questions and answers I promised around the three basic branching strategies that I covered in the last two webinars in which I presented (Branching and Merging Strategies for Subversion 1.5 and Advanced Merge Tracking and Branching with Subversion 1.5). Hopefully these will be useful to many of you.

Event Lobby (EVENT: 92421)

Subversion™ is the fastest growing version control system for distributed development teams and its rapid adoption is a phenomenon in small and large organizations. Recently evaluated to be the Sole Leader among Standalone SCM Solutions by Forrester Research, it is taking the developer world by storm. During this webcast, you will learn about the exciting new features coming out in the next release, Subversion 1.5, including merge tracking. Learn how to implement branching strategies that best fit your organization, and utilize merge tracking functionality to integrate changes. Learn from real life examples of branching and merging, so that you can accelerate development within your enterprise using Subversion’s new features.

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The goal of the SCPlugin project is to integrate Subversion into the Mac OS X Finder. The inspiration for this project came from the TortoiseSVN project.

sin: Continuous Integration Rethought

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We have learned that Continuous Integration can help us catch bugs early. Continuous Integration is the concept of continuously building and testing software using an automated process. I'll begin by describing how most (if not all) existing Continuous Integration systems work and the problems with that approach. Then I'll explain what Sin does differently and what benefits the user get from doing it this way.


Ned Batchelder: Subversion branching quick start

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Branching and merging is more complicated than simply making changes to a single line of development. But once you establish some patterns, and get in the habit of working with branches, it is not difficult. They are powerful tools that let you be more thoughtful in what code gets put where, and how many developers have to deal with any given set of changes.

subversion: Mail reader

One of the best organizing ideas for thinking about software design I've learned about in the last ten years is also one of the simplest, It's designing by user stories -- laying out the things real users want to do in real situations.

svnmerge - Subversion merge tracking tool

svnmerge is a simple shell script tool that tracks Subversion branch merges.


Spass mit den Pre-Commit Hooks von Subversion -

Script vérifiant la syntaxe d'un fichier php avant commit.

mariuss’ weblog » Blog Archive » Nautilus Scripts for Subversion

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You can right click on a subversion managed file or folder (you can also multiple select) and then select a command from the Subversion submenu

Vendor branches

As is especially the case when developing software, the data that you maintain under version control is often closely related to, or perhaps dependent upon, someone else's data.

Subversion : Properties

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Subversion provides interfaces for adding, modifying, and removing versioned metadata on each of your versioned directories and files.

Autoversioning Interoperability

In this section, we'll describe the most common generic WebDAV clients (at the time of writing), and how well they operate against a mod_dav_svn server using the SVNAutoversioning directive. RFC 2518 is a bit large, and perhaps a bit too flexible. Every WebDAV client behaves slightly differently, and creates slightly different problems.

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