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o ro / otromatic is a veejay & graphician creating visuals with amiga computers and gp2x handheld consoles Influenced by early demoscene, comics and computer design, his graphics mainly deal with 8bit experimental and scifi lowtech electro using vintage software tools to mix new edge abstraction and colorful dynamic graphics he also released printed fanzines and stickers including japanese robots gfx and videogame style illustrations.


Strategy Letter VI - Joel on Software

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The developers who put a lot of effort into optimizing things and making them tight and fast will wake up to discover that effort was, more or less, wasted, or, at the very least, you could say that it “conferred no long term competitive advantage,” if you’re the kind of person who talks like an economist.

The social structure of Free and Open Source software development

We suggest, therefore, that it is wrong to assume that FLOSS projects are distinguished by a particular social structure merely because they are FLOSS. Our findings suggest that FLOSS projects might have to work hard to achieve the expected development advantages which have been assumed to flow from "going open." In addition, the variation in communications structure across projects means that communications centralization is useful for comparisons between FLOSS teams. We found that larger FLOSS teams tend to have more decentralized communication patterns, a finding that suggests interesting avenues for further research examining, for example, the relationship between communications structure and code modularity.


[phpMyTicket box office software]

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phpMyTicket is an open source online ticketing / advanced sales software for any kind of events - festivals, theaters, sports, clubs, parties, education and more. Features : online ticket sales and offline sale points, e-tickets with barcode, full customization with templates, ticket taker support and much more.

Shibboleth Project - Internet2 Middleware

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The Shibboleth software implements the OASIS SAML v1.1 specification, providing a federated Single-SignOn and attribute exchange framework.

The Open Software Wiki - SWiK

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SWiK is a community driven resource for open source software. Try starting a page about your favorite project, syndicating a blog for a topic, or browsing through tags people have added to projects or pages.


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phpBMS is a commercial open source Business Managegment System (BMS) application that manages mission-critical interactions related to billing, client, product and scheduling.


What is Songbird? |

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Songbird is a complete desktop media player or "jukebox" with a uniquely open approach to Internet digital media network services.

Solunas - free and open source hotel reservation system and online booking software.

The central portal tasks itself, through a worldwide volunteer effort, to create an alternative Booking-Platform to rival commercial product offerings.

BlogBridge: The ultimate info-junkie system

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GREAT app. Oh and by the way - it's it's free and open source - and it runs on Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

CDSware: About

It allows you to run your own electronic preprint server, your own online library catalogue or a document system on the web. It complies with the Open Archives Initiative metadata harvesting protocol (OAI-PMH) and uses MARC 21 as its underlying bibliographic standard.

Make your Windows desktop apps open source

Even if you have good reasons for sticking with Windows, you can still keep your desktop applications open source.

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