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07 April 2005

Constructing or Traversing URIs?

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Joe Gregorio's latest column. "Of the four interface constraints of REST, the last one, 'hypermedia as the engine of application state', is the least utilitzed. This article builds the concept from the ground up, and then applies it to the design of our Bookmark Web Service."

18 March 2005

Testing BlogMarks

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Having spent the last 10 minutes playing with it, I have quickly imported all my bookmarks, added a few new entries, and am generally happy about it. Here is a list of extra features that I love about BlogMarks over

11 March 2005

IBM's Intranet and Folksonomy

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IBM will soon experiment with folksonomy. They are motivated by a need to maintain the pace of updates to how information is organized in their intranet and a need to help users access their system.

25 February 2005

14 February 2005

11 February 2005

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