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TagSchema - MySQLForge Wiki

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This page and related pages describe various issues surrounding the Web 2.0 tagging and folksonomy concepts, including discussions on schema architecture, common data access patterns, and replication/scale-out guidelines.


NBS: Metadata Glossary

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In an attempt to summarize the relationship among various metadata formats and how they relate to building Internet systems I wrote a glossary. I then ordered and tied the terms together with a bit of narrative to explain the relationships among the terms

Stefano's Linotype ~ Introducing Piggy Bank 2.0

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Piggy Bank is a Firefox extention that turns your regular web browser into a semantic web browser

Plurn BETA.

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Plurn (Playlist Burner) is an online music community where you can listen, create and share playlists

Les nouveaux outils de collaboration - Petits-déjeuners - Clever Age

Cette session illustre les bénéfices à attendre de cette nouvelle génération d’outils collaboratifs.

The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System

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Protégé is a free, open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework.

SKOS Core Guide

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SKOS Core provides a model for expressing the basic structure and content of concept schemes.

Ontologie, thésaurus, taxonomie et Web sémantique - 2004-03-19 - Carnet Web Karl

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Enfin un article clair, avec une définition claire de l'ontologie. Conformément à ce que je pressentais, un thesaurus est une forme d'ontologie. Merci à Karl pour cet article qui manquait (beaucoup de collègues se posent la même question).

CmapTools - Download CmapTools

The CmapTools program empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps.

mSpace: exploring the New Web

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"It requires a Mozila-based browser like Netscape, Camino, Mozilla or Firefox to run (for standard javascript compatibility)." ---- nyark

SemWebCentral - SemWebCentral Home Page

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Open source tools for the Semantic Web

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