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Virtuous Code › Monkeypatching is Destroying Ruby

Hooks are just one of the techniques available to us for robustly handling extension in a language as dynamic and powerful as Ruby. Another is using the dependency injection style1 to decouple classes from each other and allow third parties to substitute their own classes without monkey patching. Another un-sexy but important practice is simply writing clear and comprehensive documentation of our classes’ APIs and extension points.


Oedipus Web Scanner Project

Oedipus is an open source web application security analysis and testing suite written in Ruby. It is capable of parsing different types of log files off-line and identifying security vulnerabilities. Using the analyzed information, Oedipus can dynamically test web sites for application and web server vulnerabilities.


No Rails for Python?

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The inundation of Ruby on Rails related articles and discussion has finally provoked me to go see what all the hype is about and then to figure out why the damn thing isn't called Python on Rails.

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