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Virtual Planner - Trac

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The Virtual planning board is a web application that allows you to tie in visual project planning with your existing Trac tickets - across a range of projects (where each project has a seperate svn repository and associated trac instance). It allows you to assign tickets to a particular week and therefore plan your workflow for a given period. Soon you'll be able to do simple project estimation with a 'developer hours' feature that compares available hours to the estimated times on the tickets

GCALDaemon - Project Home

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GCALDaemon is an OS-independent Java program that offers two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and various iCalalendar compatible calendar applications. GCALDaemon is primarily designed as a calendar synchronizer but it can also be used as a Gmail notifier, Address Book importer, Gmail terminal and RSS feed converter


OpenLaszlo "Legals" | OpenLaszlo

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"Legals" is an OpenLaszlo project to provide a single application environment that supports multiple deployment runtimes. OpenLaszlo 3.x supports Flash 7 and 8 now, but Legals will extend that reach to include DHTML as well as Flash 9.

TraM - Trac

TraM is a wrapper application that sits on top of The Trac project to provide summaries of all projects.

neotericz micro site

neotericz is an 8-bit music project from Buenos Aires, Argentina, leaded by Ignat and inspired by electronic-mechanical-dance music styles like (old school) techno, acid house, italo, hiphouse, new beat, industrial / ebm, experimental.

Shibboleth Project - Internet2 Middleware

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The Shibboleth software implements the OASIS SAML v1.1 specification, providing a federated Single-SignOn and attribute exchange framework.

The Open Software Wiki - SWiK

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SWiK is a community driven resource for open source software. Try starting a page about your favorite project, syndicating a blog for a topic, or browsing through tags people have added to projects or pages.

TimeTracking - The Trac Project - Trac

Support for basic time tracking is an often request feature


Panda SHit SNiping

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Panda Shit Sniping est un projet ouvert a tous, le principe est simple, il s'agit de fabriquer de la musique avec pour matière principale et comme reservoir à samples les raclures de fond de bidet les plus immondes de l' industrie du disque.

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