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July 2006

Microsoft Expands Document Interoperability: Company to sponsor open source project for Open XML-ODF file translation to deliver more choice for government customers and their constituents.

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“OpenXML represents a paradigm shift not only in its architecture but also in the customer needs it serves, opening organizations’ existing documents to take advantage of new content management and collaboration scenarios that weren’t possible even as recently as a few years ago ,” said Frédéric Bon, CEO of Clever Age. “Through the documentation Ecma International is creating and work such as the Open XML Translator project, customers will soon have the confidence that Open XML and ODF formats can coexist and new document scenarios will flourish. We are looking forward to working with the community of developers and businesses interested in XML documents.”

April 2006

Le nouveau site Nouvelles Frontieres à la loupe

Le taux de transformation en hausse de 30 % depuis le lancement

March 2005

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