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June 2005

Main Page - Kolab Wiki

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Welcome to the kolab wiki - the documentation cooker for the Kolab Project.

MultiSync - A Synchronization Tool

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MultiSync is a free modular program to synchronize calendars, addressbooks and other PIM data between programs on your computer and other computers, mobile devices, PDAs or cell phones. MultiSync works on any Gnome platform, such as Linux.

May 2005

SyncML support for KDE

The KSyncML is a SyncML Konnector for Kitchensync.

March 2005

Pimki Home Page

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Pimki is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) based on Instiki's Wiki technology.

Choosing an open calendar manager

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The fact you can effortlessly switch from a 15-year-old program like Unix ical to something cutting-edge like Sunbird or KOrganizer without sacrificing features shows that the underlying technology is well-designed.

February 2005


GroupDAV has a very specific focus which is connecting the three popular OpenSource clients - Kontact, Evolution and Sunbird - with the broad range of OpenSource "groupware" servers. Whatever "groupware" means to the ~200 projects listed on Freshmeat.

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