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bringing the world fine electronic music, chiptune music, and experimental sounds creating visuals using experimentation, sub-standard programs, and inovative editing methods advancing the stature of electronic instruments through creativity and live applications defying conventional methods of music making and moving towards the future organizing cost effective events that showcase the talents of our members and friends providing quality cost effective entertainment and innovative premium merchandise bringing new undiscovered acts recognition and visibility in a new and growing art / music scene



CrazyQ & The Kid live in Paris

Crazy Q and The Kid live on a Amiga 1200, Moog filter, Delaybox and various modded toys. In Paris 2004. visuals by otro


Le Tourbillon des Jouets Loufoques


BOUPSRADIO.COM - ?Redofromstart

Trez and Brioche are the chip music dj's and high-frequencies superheroes! As the unchanellenged worldchampions of their very own category, they blend a mixture of 8-bit rock, minitechno, chip-hop, arcade electro, teenage housecore, long-wavelength noise and high frequency garbage They are the greatestests pushers and you'd better know it !

Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 2004

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[19:37:12] mbertier: feat mu-ziq ! [19:37:31] rahhhhhhhhhhhhh