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I've talked about CSRF before, but this time I wanted to show some of the underlying basics of it and explain why it isn't a new trick or something special. It is part of browsers and the way HTTP works, also to remove any argument that POST should be safer then GET. I know this is Internet basics, it still can be refreshing to read it over from time to time.

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | REST Tip: Deep etags give you more benefits.

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ETags, or entity-tags, are an important part of HTTP, being a critical part of caching, and also used in "conditional" requests. So what is an etag?


Ryan Tomayko - On HTTP Abuse

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The small community that is coalescing around REST/HTTP should prioritize the following objectives above anything else at this point: 1. Raise awareness of what HTTP is capable of. 2. Fix the tools.

Doing HTTP Caching Right

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Print. Print Add to Project. Add to Project Bookmark with Doing HTTP Caching Right: Introducing httplib2 by Joe Gregorio February 01, 2006 You need to understand HTTP caching. No, really, you do.

The Well-Formed Web - Exploring the limits of XML and HTTP

This site will be a clearing house for ideas, tips, techniques and code, rooted in working examples and real-world experience in implementing the Well-Formed Web.


How HTTP Works

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In developing Web applications, as in life, it is important to understand the basics.

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