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InfoQ: Microsoft bets on Atom Publishing Protocol as the future direction for Web APIs

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Microsoft switches from the Web Structured, Schema’d & Searchable (Web3S) protocol to Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) for services offered by Microsoft's Live Platform on the Web.

cleverbox - - Open Source Software - Trac

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The cleverbox provides an interactive command line shell dedicated to the deployment and maintenance of trac and subversion instances. It can handle multiple configuration profiles, enabling the deployment of differently flavored type of project (trac configuration and permissions, apache configuration templates, etc). Project's main objective is to make your life as simple as possible. Thus, it comes with easy installation, easy upgrades and a comprehensive documentation.


linux kernel monkey log

Yes, that's right, the Linux kernel community is offering all companies free Linux driver development.


Google Sponsors the LinuxBIOS project

Thanks to Google's sponsorship, we've been able to significantly improve the project's Quality Assurance process by creating a completely automated and distributed testing environment. Every single commit results in BIOS images being built for all mainboards, and tested on real hardware located all over the world. So whenever you want to download a LinuxBIOS image, you can now know that it works on a reference machine before flashing it to your system.

Google and Creative Commons

Because of the important work Creative Commons accomplished over the past year, Google has decided again to donate $30,000 to their cause. Here's an update on some of the awesome work they've been doing:

Amazon Product Tagging Campaign |

(via), perhaps the largest internet retailer, has a system of "tagging" products on its US site. You can look at a product and add a tag that describes it. We have started tagging items that contain DRM (Blu-Ray players and DVDs, the Zune, the iPod and more) with the "defectivebydesign" tag. » Blog Archive » Barenaked Ladies successfully stick it to the recording industry

The files are not encrypted with digital rights management or copy protection software. Artists are slowly migrating to distributing their own content via the internet. This seems like a great idea and should scare the RIAA more than any college student downloading a pirated song. BNL also is offering live recordings from their concert tours. An album is sold for $9.99 for mp3 and $12.99 for FLAC lossless files.


pearworks: pearLyrics

if I have bought an album, am I allowed to save and view lyrics of that album on my computer? I mean, I surely can hear the words, but am I allowed to read them?

Project Manager Leaves Suicide PowerPoint Presentation | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

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The two-column text display was enlivened by colorful background wallpaper and clip-art question marks depicting Ron's confusion over his choice.

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audioscrobbler gets pretty

Shoot someone? Not Smith & Wesson's fault. Copy a movie? Grokster's fault

such lawsuits are "predatory and aimed at bankrupting the firearms industry,"

ongoing · Atom 1.0

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It’s cooked and ready to serve. There are a couple of IETF process things to do, but this draft is essentially Atom 1.0.

Services_Blogmarks PHP Toolkit

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A PHP Client to the Atom API


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JavaScript modules for browsers with as minimal a build/install system as possible.

BlogSync reloaded - : Blog

Here is the good news, BlogSync must now work as expected.

Hallucinogenesis » Blog Archive » Copyright law prevents aliens from listening to The Beatles

Can ya belive it? Learned men of science denying alien intelligence the Beatles for fear of being sued?

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Religion (Jesus Day)

By proclamation of Governor George W. Bush, 10 June 2000 was 'Jesus Day' in Texas.

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