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August 2007

Target Practice - A Workshop in Tuning MySQL Queries - Jay Pipes

I gave a tutorial at OSCON last week on tuning MySQL queries, the EXPLAIN statement, the optimizer, and benchmarking. I've gone ahead and put the tutorial materials online now:

MySQL Performance Blog » Landscape of Transactional Storage Engines for MySQL

talks about current state behavior and performance properties of Innodb, Falcon, PBXT and SolidDB Storage Engines

July 2007

Diamond Notes » Blog Archive » Fantastic New Tool!!!!!

The tool is called Querysniffer and it grabs MySQL queries from “the wire”. It does this in real time. You don’t have to stop/start your MySQL server or have to enable the general query log. You can start and stop the Querysniffer at any time.

Mark's IT Blog: MySQL 5 High Availability with DRBD 8 and Heartbeat 2

In this article, we're going to go through the entire process of installing, configuring and testing DRBD, Heartbeat and MySQL running in a 2 node cluster environment. This will be a bare bones configuration, best practices and security will take a back seat while we learn how all the different pieces work together.

June 2007

MySQL and the The Death of RAID « Kevin Burton’s NEW FeedBlog

RAID is dying. Shocked? The prediction might be a bit early for some folks. It’s still somewhat conventional for some people to think that RAID is a conservative way to scale your IO.

April 2007

Google Code - Updates: Google releases patches that enhance the manageability and reliability of MySQL

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The high availability features include support for semi-synchronous replication, mirroring the binlog from a master to a slave, quickly promoting a slave to a master during failover, and keeping InnoDB and replication state on a slave consistent during crash recovery. The manageability features include new SQL statements for monitoring resource usage by table and account. This includes the ability to count the number of rows fetched or changed per account or per table. It also includes the number of seconds of database time an account uses to execute SQL commands.

December 2006

MySQL 4.0 has reached the final stage of its lifecycle

As a general rule, we encourage everyone to upgrade from MySQL 4.0 to a newer release.

October 2006

Mike Kruckenberg: Guide to Incompatibilities when Upgrading MySQL to Version 5.0

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Here are the items from the MySQL 5.0 release notes that are marked Warning: Incompatible change:

MySQL 3.23, 4.0, 4.1 Reference Manual :: 2.11.1 Upgrading from MySQL 4.0 to 4.1

In general, you should do the following when upgrading from MySQL 4.0 to 4.1:

September 2006 Gartner on Open Source Databases

# By 2008, open source databases will be used by more than 70% of IT organizations # By 2008, MySQL will be a serious choice for mission critical applications

June 2006

February 2006

Technical Notes and Articles of Interest » Auditing an existing MySQL Installation

So what would you do? I made some preliminary notes, here’s the full account of what I did do.