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July 2007

Drupal 7 and PHP 5.2 |

# As of Drupal 7, changes to Drupal which use language features found exclusively in PHP 5.2 will be considered for acceptance into Drupal core. # This policy effectively means that Drupal 7 will be incompatible with PHP 4.

May 2007

SilverStripe - Open Source CMS / Framework

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Powerful enough for any website or intranet design and simple enough for your Mum to use

April 2007

Poo-tee-weet - blog

But still, the future of CMS with PHP cannot be stuck with PHP4 until eternity. I really want to use a nice framework that leverages all the cool new PHP5 features and most importantly the new established design philosophies found since the advent of PHP5.

February 2007

JSR-170: What's in it for me? -- CMS Watch

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As you can imagine, JSR-170 is likely to cause a healthy shake-up in the CMS market and beyond. But standards like this can seem very abstract, begging the question, "what's in it for me?" To answer that question, we'll take a closer look at the repository problem today, the new standard, and then we’ll get back to the positive impacts for developers, CIOs, system integrators, editors, and even vendors.