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Greasemonkey 0.8 candiate -- Let us know what you think - greasemonkey-users | Google Groups

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you can now include images, css, javascript files, and any other resource in a Greasemonkey script. So, for example, you can use the Prototype or MochiKit javascript libraries with Greasemonkey.

2006 FeedLounge to Blogmarks

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This script adds a button in FeedLounge that lets you post directly to Blogmarks any item -- nhoizey strikes back.


Blogmarks intégré à Google !

"Non, il ne s’agit pas d’une nouvelle croustillante sur un hypothétique rachat de Blogmarks1 par Google" -- merde alors !

Check range

Lets you check or uncheck a range of checkboxes by clicking the first checkbox and then Shift+clicking the last checkbox. - platypus: index

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Platypus is a Firefox extension which lets you modify a Web page from your browser -- "What You See Is What You Get" -- and then save those changes as a Greasemonkey script so that they'll be repeated the next time you visit the page.

Dive Into Greasemonkey

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Dive Into Greasemonkey is a book about programming with Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension for customizing web pages.

Greasemonkey compiler

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This site converts Greasemonkey user scripts into full-fledged Mozilla Firefox extensions.

Patterns of Intermediation

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This is a working document whose aim is to define and describe a number of design patterns suitable for use when writing web intermediaries: bookmarklets, Greasemonkey scripts, or dynamic web interfaces, e.g. using XMLHttpRequest.

How To Disable GreaseMonkey On Your Web Site

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Dean Edwards provides a script to disable GreaseMonkey


Popup posting for Hotlinks

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Enables you to copy hotlinks entries to delicious


Adds button to make textareas expandable

Google Suggest

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Adds Google Suggest dropdown to normal Google searches

Google Accesskeys

Enables navigation through Google search results using "," and "."

Google Searchkeys

Add one-press access keys to Google search results. Search results are numbered in red and pressing 1..0 selects that search result.

Bloglines Autoloader

Auto-display all new items in Bloglines (the equivalent of clicking the root level of your subscriptions)

Basecamp Projects: Todo Items

Removes those ugly yellow backgrounds for own todo items. I don't like 'em, really. Bloglines Integration

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Integrates Bloglines with -- ripped from


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This is a list of all the user scripts we know about, with a brief description for each:

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