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February 2007

July 2006

neotericz micro site

neotericz is an 8-bit music project from Buenos Aires, Argentina, leaded by Ignat and inspired by electronic-mechanical-dance music styles like (old school) techno, acid house, italo, hiphouse, new beat, industrial / ebm, experimental.

March 2006

_____.....:::::(((((((((( GameMUSICIANS.03 )))))))))) :::::....._____

With the coming out of Gameboy cartridges with music softwares inside, some electronic musicians started to get sounds and music out of the internal sound-chip of the hand-held

May 2005

Gameboy Discodirt

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8-bit hard-chip tunes for your ears:::

March 2005

do the tendo with teamtendo

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This domain name expired on 03/02/2005 and is pending renewal or deletion.

Some LSDj artists are putting out stuff on the web.

Little Sound Dj

The basic idea is to transform a plain Game Boy/Game Boy Color into a full-fledged music workstation : Sequencer, Sound, Samples, MIDI interface


Gameboy superstar from Sweden !


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The best of the game boy

February 2005

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